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Meet New Zealand Nurse who Took Care of Boris Johnson-Video included

Africa Business World spans the World to bring you interesting stories and videos that we think you our readers may be interested in. This is an uncommon story of an ordinary nurse a New Zealand Immigrant living in Great Britain who was chosen to take care of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson while he was in the intensive care unit at the hospital receiving treatment for Coronavirus infection Her name is Ms. McGee when asked about her experience taking care of the Prime m Minister she said “it was business as usual when the Prime Minister was under my care and he was given no special treatment during her shift” This speaks volumes to the important and great work immigrants do in host countries.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson 

Shortly after his release, the Prime Minister singled out two nurses in particular who stood by his bedside for 48 hours when things could have gone either way and thanked them for saving his life. The Prime Minister said he “owed his life to the National Health Service (NHS) staff who treated him. I can’t thank them enough “. Ms. McGee’s parents were very proud of their daughter who they described as being very professional in her chosen nursing occupation. Here is instant Celebrity ms Mcgee in the video below.


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