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iStart Moneytree is an unparallel network marketing business created to give you an unprecedented experience of your life. Helping you to achieve your long awaited dreams and empowering you to multiply yourself in the next generation through the planting and growing of your own moneytree.

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Istart Innovations Moneytree started with theLoetue Pure Cocoa Powder and the result is what we have here today – amazing testinmonies about the product and the packaging.

Having understood the health benefit of Pure Cocoa Powder, we sent it across Arica, Europe and Uk, and the testimonies are undeniable. You can learn more about Loetue Pure Cocao Powder on our products page. Other products by iStart Innovations Moneytree are: Miralive (Nutrient-Rich Dietary Supplement), Keytone Max(100% Virgin Coconut Oil) & Beanovita(Finest Beans Flour).

Please call 08022868692 or send an e-mail to for more about our program and registration. You may also fill the form on our contact page

How It works

We have made Cocoa a Moneytree to all and sundry. We have brought cocoa business so close to you at your door step. you don’t have to be an exporter to make money in cocoa business. Just connect with iStart Moneytree regularly and your life will not remain the same. You need to nurture it, raise it and make it strong so you can continuously pluck money on it.

Cocoa as your own Moneytree

1) As your own product for exchange of money.
2) Provide Health Solutions to people.
3) Profit from the Business Opportunity it offers.
4) You join the network of people helping people
5) Join the group of few who want to make millions from natural resources aside     crude oil.
6) By joining the Moneytree Network of Distributors, you are in business of YOUR OWN by YOUR OWN.


Cocoa is the second major non-oil foreign exchange earner in Nigeria after leather. It is produce in fourteen states of the federation namely Ondo, Cross River, Oyo, Osun, Ekite, Ogun, Edo, Kogi, Akwa Ibom, Delta, Abia, Kwara, Ebonyi and Rivers with an annual production rate of 400,000 metirc ton. Over 98% of the product is exported and it’s provides means of livelihood and employment to over five million(5,000,000) people.

In the year 2005 alone, export revenue from the sales of cocoa amounted to US $ 136.7 Million with Netherland, UK, France, Germany, Spain Italy, USA and Japan being the major export destination and other emerging markets include China and India.

Loetue Pure Cocoa is a powerful Health Drink, an anti-oxidant with so much amazing health benefits to prevent different ailments. It has been proven to have the capability to prevent over eight different diseases.

Health Benefits of Loetue Pure Cocoa Drink

1) Best Natural Antioxidant in the world, fight free Readicals
2) Lower High Blood Pressure, thereby Prevent Hypertension
3) Boost Libido and Improve Sexual function in Men
4) Prevent Breast Cancer in Women
5) Prevent Diabetes and High Cholesterol
6) Foster Higher Life Expectancy
7) Boost Brain Power and Improve Memory
8) Fight Fatigue when you are weak Get you Rejuvenated
9) Relief for Menstrual Pain and free flow
10) Arrest Persistent Cough and many more


Miralive Moringa Powder is highly nutritious supplying over 92 verified Nutriennts, 49 Antioxidants and 18 Vitamins along with all the essential amino acids the human body needs, and several other minierals. It is claimed to prevents over 300 diseases.

Health Benefits of Miralive Moringa

1) Dietary Balancing
2) Hormonal Balancing
3) Controls and Lower Blood Pressure
4) Stabilize Blood Sugar(Diabetes)
5) Relieves Inflamation(Arthritis)
6) Reduce Body Wrinkles i.e Anti Ageing
7) Improve Digestion
8) Treats Stomach Ulcers
9) Protects the Stomach Lining
10) Increase and Boost Energy Levels
11) Improve Immune system function i.e against HIV/AIDS


KEYTONE MAX Virgin Coconut Oil is a powerful enriched oil made with coconut. It’s the healthiest oil in the world because of it’s richness in lauric Acid up to 50% and it contains no trans fat. Coconut(Cocos Nucifera) oil is widely known for it’s phenomenal health benefits. It has antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial(antimicrobial) properties, and antioxidant properties which prevents it from oxidation.

Health Benefits of Keytone Max

1) Treatment for Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer, Diabetes, Autism, Dementia and ALS.
2) Effective Brain Booster
3) Balances Blood Sugar Level
4) Energy Booster – Don’t feel sluggish agian
5) Natural Anti-bacteria – kills bacteria, virus and fungi in the body
6) Boost Immune System against HIV virus
7) Protect you against Cancer
8) Natural prevention for Cold and Flu
9) Eases Digestion System – good for babies too
10) can be used both internally and externally to fight disease.


Beanovita is another amazing product from iStart Moneytree. It’s a food supplement with one of the highest supplying nutrients and vitality needed for body freshness and growth. as the name implies, it is a Beans in powdered form – a great source for several African dishes like moin-moin, local akara, gbegiri and lots of sorts in various culture.

It has being washed, pilled, dried, uniquley processed and hygeinically packed for easy carried and storage, thereby removes a whole lots of stress from you. When used, Beanovita is made to develop and deliver higher contents than it’s mere look – you always get so much more. Add small quality of warm water to mix to paste according to your taste, add all your ingredients and then you are ready to go with your cooking. It’s fast, easy to make and still looking fresh.

Choice ingredients that can be used with Beanovita are but not limited to boiled eggs, Corned beef, Crayfish, Fresh Pepper, Onionss, dried fish, dried meat, ground beef, blended tomatoes, Thyme Salt, Olive Oil, chicken bouillon, Onions, Sweet pepper(bell), Bone marrow etc.

It is commonly seen accompanying Jollof Rice, Fried Rice, Fried Plantain, Custard, Akamu(Pap, Ogi) etc. It can even be eaten alone as a snack with a soft drink to wash it down.


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