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Widespread Rioting Extends to 10 U.S.Cities

Over 10 American cities are currently witnessing continuing rioting over the Minneapolis White Police officer’s racist killing of African American George Floyd a few days ago. The following U.S. Cities are experiencing Violent riots that began in Minneapolis Minnesota and have now expanded to New York, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, Oakland, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Washington DC and many other places.

4 Minneapolis Police Officers choking George Floyd to death

George Floyd was choked to death by 4 Minneapolis Police officers while he pleaded to them that he is not breathing but one officer knelt down on his neck thereby choking him from breathing and the other two officers assisted while one officer watched this tragedy on the side.

George Floyd eventually died on the scene when the police killers realized there was no more pulse from his body and George was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Cries of racism and “I can’t breath” were echoed by violent demonstrators across the United States, many are calling for the arrest of all the four police officers that killed Floyd and that all four must be charged with murder. Just yesterday one officer was arrested but that was not enough to stop the anger and violent demonstrations are continuing as we speak.

Three months ago another young black man 25 years old who was jogging on the street in Georgia was cornered by two white men, a father and his son, who shot the African American to death. Anger has been building up for some time as young African Americans are often profiled and targetted by the Police. The situation has now exploded, and the consequences are what we are witnessing on the streets of American cities. More to come

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