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What is Killing people in Kano 640 Die in one week !

This news is unprecedented, according to a  source the death toll in Kano Nigeria has reached 640 people dead following the outbreak of a strange disease yet to be identified. This story was published on a Nigerian website According to this source, there is panic all over kano and a Medical doctor disclosed that a few days ago 150 people were reported dead, but by today in just one week period more than 640 are reported dead. So far the cause of death has not been linked to COVID 19.

“The dead bodies are buried in three cemeteries excludes others buried in dozens of burial grounds across the eight local government areas that constitute Kano metropolis, Daily Trust reports”

The strange deaths are occurring in the following Local government areas of Kano including municipal Kano, Nasarawa, Gwale, Dala, Ungogo, Fagge, Tarauni, and Kumbotso

The Nigeria Center for Disease Control told Reuters News that the current lockdown for Coronavirus led to the closing of the Labs in Kano and now the Labs are being disinfected and will re-open soon to investigate these mysterious deaths.

Reuters News service disclosed that determination is yet to be made, they said, “We don’t have a true baseline when it comes to the number of deaths. It’s something we need to investigate quite closely. The World Health Organization officials are on the ground in Kano and currently being briefed about these strange deaths.

ABW will update readers when more details are available


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