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We Are All Biafrans-Youth Leaders of South South Proclaim !

We Are All Biafrans: Insist Youth Leaders of Southsouth Region – Southsouth Biafra Agitators

Written by Effiong
22nd November 2015

Youth leaders of the Southsouth region, under the aegis of the COALITION OF SOUTH SOUTH YOUTH LEADERS met in Calabar on Friday, 21st November, 2015 and after appraising the situation in the country and the claim by some unauthorized persons who claimed to be Southsouth leaders that the Southsouth is not part of Biafra, hereby state as follows:

1. The entire Southsouth region is part and parcel of Biafra land.

2. The Southeast and Southsouth have common cultural and historic heritage,

3. We call for the immediate release of Nnamdi Kanu, the Director of Radio Biafra

4. We warn the Nigerian Army not to do anything that will escalate the situation in the area.

5. We, however, still believe in one United Nigeria as long as justice and equity will prevail in the land.

That the name Biafra is sacrosanct and there is nothing wrong if the people of Southeast and Southsouth decide they should be called Biafrans but within Nigeria.

6. That Mr. President should assure Biafrans that he does not hate them through his actions and conduct.

7. That nobody mandated those elements, who went to Calabar recently to disclaim Biafra, to speak on behalf of the Southsouth. The Southsouth was, is and will continue to be part of Biafra land but within Nigeria.

Regionalism with local autonomy is the way forward

Effiong Thomas for Efik, Annang And Ibibio Youth Leaders

Francis Amangala for Ijaw Youth Leaders

Ambowei Dennis for Niger Delta Youth Movement

Ogunbus Wiwa for Ogoni Youth Leaders

Silas Wogu for Ikwerre And Etche Youth Leaders

Thompson Uvhieredo for Urhobo Youth Leaders

Iyere Anthony for Ishan And Edo Youth Leaders


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