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VOA/YAHOO News Says-Pro-Biafran Movement Grows Stronger in Nigeria

Several days ago Africa Business World published a story which suggested that the Biafra Movement was gathering momentum across the South Eastern States and parts of the Delta Regions of Nigeria. According to a new report done by Voice of America in conjunction with Yahoo News that ABW report has been vindicated.  “But in recent years, the pro-Biafra movement has resurged. Supporters say the grievances that led to the war have still not been addressed” according to Voice of America/Yahoo News.

May 30, 2017 has been chosen as a day the Pro-Biafran groups wants to show the world that Biafrans are very serious about achieving their independence from Nigeria. IPOB has called for a shut down of all business and trading activities asking everyone to stay at home that day in solidarity with the millions of Biafrans killed and starved to death including infants, pregnant women and children as the world stood and watched a genocidal war perpetrated against the blockaded people of Biafra who despite all odds fought against the Nigerian government for almost three years.

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