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US, UK, and France Joint Operations Against Syria Starts

In an address to the nation just concluded by Trump, the president told Americans that a joint military operation has begun in Syria with the aim of stopping  rogue Assad regime from using chemical weapons. The operation was just launched and reports reaching Africa Business World indicates that explosions are rocking Syrian capital Damascus right now. President Trump asked Americans to pray for all the US and allied troops taking part in this operation. President Trump also said that if need be, this operation would continue with the objective of stopping Assad from ability in future to use chemical weapons .

Last year the United States destroyed over 25% of Syrian Air force infrastructure following Assad usage of Chemical weapons on its citizens. Syria is backed by Iran and Russia, and President Putin says they would shot down any US missiles fired at Syria This leaves an opportunity for an escalation of this crisis. Currently there are 2,000 US military personnel  in Syria helping in the fight against ISIS an Islamist terrorist organization. Trump also told the nation that through the help of US and others, ISIS has almost been wiped out of Syria and Iraq. It is believed that Cruise miles are largely being used in this operation being fired from distances away from Syria particularly in the Mediterranean. More to come when we receive updates.


Story written by Paul Okechukwu Oranika 


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