Things Guys Do On First Date Women Hate!

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First time date could be challenging to the partners. When you first meet your date  you know so little about your partner’s choices and preferences. The significance and importance of your first impression on your partner could not be understated First impression goes a long way to influence the perception of your partner about who you are and what type of manners you have. But your first impression will not guarantee you love but can pave the way for second and subsequent dates. A bad first date  would most likely end any future relationship with your new partner. This article will help you avoid some of the things guys do on their first date which women generally dislike.

  1. Were you attached to your cell phone?

This type of behavior would undoubtedly make your partner unhappy. Focusing more on your phone and paying her little attention would perhaps not guarantee you a second date opportunity with her. To understand how annoying this might be, let us assume that your partner also ignores you and turns to her cell phone. You probably would feel the same way of being ignored. So the best advice for you is to put your phone on vibrate so you know when calls are coming in. You can respond to your calls later.

  1. Do you have wandering eyes?

Women dislike an attitude when their dates watch every other woman around them. On your first date, your eyes and attention should be fully focused on your date. Why would you take her out on a date and focus your attention on other women. It just doesn’t make any sense. This is a very annoying behavior to women. There is a funny story of a guy who was so distracted by the revealing dress of another woman at the restaurant that he kept looking at her while attempting to eat food at the same time. It so happened that his distraction led to a piece of barbecued stake he picked up with his fork to drop on his white shirt. His date laughed and said ‘it is funny but you got what you deserve’.

  1. Did you show her courtesy during the date?

Were you very late in arriving at her place? Being five minutes late may be understandable but anything over 15 minutes for a date planned one or more weeks in advance is not the best way to make her happy. If for any reason you are going to be late, it is best to call her ahead and let her know. Did you open the car door for her as she approached? Did you give her a kiss? Did you open the restaurant door, or draw out her seat on the table? These things are minor, but showing her good manners and courtesy will definitely keep her happy and smiling.

  1. Did you offer something to her when you approached her door?

First time dates usually don’t involve big item gifts. Most ladies may expect a small token such as flowers. You can also do something different for her. Instead of just flowers; you can also offer her a cookie bouquet. This may put a smile on her face!

  1. Did you choose her favorite restaurant?

Don’t take her to a regular neighborhood restaurant. Make efforts to find out from her what kind of restaurant she wants to eat at. Give her a chance to suggest a preferred restaurant. Take her to that special restaurant she likes and not just to any restaurant.

  1. Engage her in a good conversation

A very good conversation with your date will go a long way to help you connect with her. Women generally dislike boring dates and partners showing little interest in emotionally engaging them in a good conversation. Don’t talk her to death. Some men tend to dominate conversations. Give her a chance to air her views, and make eye contacts with her as often as possible. Your chosen topics for conversation should interest her and not intimidate her.

  1. Stay away from negative stories and certainly none about your past dates

Emotional connection with great uplifting conversation is very critical to the success of your first date. Negative stories may cause distress to your dating partner. So it is important that you stay away from such discussion. Positive conversation should project good feelings and at the same time compliment her. This is a way to bring out laughs and smiles out of her. Include some humor and jokes. These techniques will help you develop emotional bonding with her.


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