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Buhari addresses UN Assembly, speaks on ...

Buhari addresses UN Assembly, speaks on restructuring

Full Text of His Speech Below The president of the United Nation’s General Assembly, Your Excellencies, Heads of States and governments, Distinguished Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen. On behalf of the government and people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I congratulate you, Mr.... read more »

Atlanta Rally 3
Nigerians Rally in Atlanta Against Killi...

Nigerians Rally in Atlanta Against Killing of Christians in Nigeria

As the Igbo Community in Atlanta prepares for their own rally to condemn the Genocide and killings of young Igbos by Buhari and his army, a rally was held today September 19 at the CNN Center in Downtown Atlanta Ga. by the the Nigerian Christian Community in Atlanta area   This rally has a... read more »

Biafrans Converge at The United Nations ...

Biafrans Converge at The United Nations in New York-See the video

Members of the international media were present at this event in New York as Biafrans today stormed the UN headquarters resulting from  the recent killings of young Igbos between the ages of  16 to 21 by the Nigerian Army. .  More than estimated 6,000 Biafrans and their supporters stormed the... read more »

Obi-Nwakanma-2 (1)
What Igbos Must Do Now-A letter From Pro...

What Igbos Must Do Now-A letter From Prof Obi Nwakanma

Dear Dr. Nwosu: Part of the reason why Igbo political action is defective is that we talk too much, and act miserably. The current situation with the current regime in Nigeria demands more action, than talk. With all due respect sir, all that you have written below is truth. But it is truth that is... read more »

Bianca Ojukwu Speaks on IPOB-FREEDOM FIG...


  Press ReleaseBy Iyom Bianca Ojukwu FREEDOM FIGHTERS? YES! TERRORISTS? NO! The Federal Govt has just declared IPOB a terrorist Organisation after the Operation Python Dance 2 debacle with its attendant military occupation of our homeland. There is simply no justification... read more »


ABW Breaking News -Africans Rally in London. See the Video on ABW link below

ABW is bringing you global coverage with Biafran Demonstrations and rallies across the world. Breaking News -Biafrans/Africans Rally in London. See the Video on ABW link... read more »


Operation Python Dance 2; the invasion and barbaric massacre of Biafran youths- by C. K. E...

  Another dark history looms upon Igbos in Nigeria.  For almost a week today, the world has watched the horrifying images of Nigerian Military forces drawn from the Army, Police,... read more »

Biafran rally

Huge Biafra Rally in Switzerland at the UN-see video

Recent Nigerian army actions by killing peaceful Biafra demonstrators have unleashed the mother of all rallies across the world. Nigerian government seems not to learn any lessons from past... read more »

Nigerian Army Killings

Operation Python Dance is Igbo Genocide-US Constitutional Lawyer-Watch Video

US Constitutional lawyer Bruce Fein has described Nigeria’s ongoing military “Operation Python Dance” as code word for Igbo Genocide. He calls for full Embargo against... read more »

Igbo Summit PILA Igbo School Dance

Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival Part 3-Summit and Igbo W...

Incredible PILA Igbo School Dancers from Baltimore Having completed parts 1 and 2 of this report, here is the story of Part 3, in the 5 Part Series which will wrap up with Parts 4 and 5-The... read more »

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