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Supreme Court Rules on Trumps Travel Ban-Partial Win for Trump

ABW has received breaking news that the Supreme Court of the United States has upheld parts of President Trumps Travel Ban. The implication is immediate action not to admit some  types of immigrants into the United States particularly if they have no family members already residing in the United States. This is a partial victory for Donald Trump who has always believed that his actions will be vindicated by the Supreme Court of the United States. The court would take on this case in October with full arguments  but the controversy continues. Some argue that the court’s ruling indeed creates more confusion than resolving this Travel Ban dilemma. The Travel Ban Executive order according to Trump ends in October as originally intended, so what may happen in October when the Supreme Court takes on the case is remains unclear because the Trump Travel Ban officially ends in October. The court may just throw the whole case out. ABW will keep you posted

Commentary above by Okechukwu P. Oranika


See more reports below from USA Today

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court agreed Monday to let President Trump’s immigration travel ban go into effect for some travelers, reversing the actions of lower federal courts that had put the controversial policy completely on hold.

The court also agreed to hear the case in the early fall, leaving open the chance that it could reverse Monday’s verdict if challengers can prove the ban is illegal or unconstitutional.

The justices’ action gives Trump a partial victory following a string of defeats from coast to coast. Some courts struck down the travel ban as a form of religious discrimination against Muslims. Others said it showed bias based on nationality and exceeded the president’s authority without a firm national security justification.

It represents a setback for immigration rights and civil liberties groups that had bottled up two executive orders through legal action, exacerbating the president’s battles with federal courts that began during the election campaign. ABW will bring you more on this later

Source USA Today


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