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Speak and write in Igbo–Online Resources-Its Easy

Asusu Igbo ga adi Rue Mgbe ebighi Ebi

Once you loose your language and Culture you have lost it all!

Lets get you started by watching this extraordinary performance by Atlanta Igbo School Dancers doing Igbo Dance led by the School Director Mrs Queenette Ohaya follow this link to see the dance courtesy of Igbo Network TV


Igbo Network TV offers a wide variety of resources to help anyone learn how to speak Igbo language, One of the most important resource to use in learning how to speak Igbo Language is through the Igbo School. You will be amazed at how you can easily and quickly learn how to speak Igbo through the Igbo Language School of Igbo Network Television

Language School

Welcome to Language School at Igbo Network.

Our education center is aimed at promoting the richness of Igbo language and culture. We recognized that Igbo language in particular is increasingly becoming endangered and constantly facing extinction. Our goal is not just to ensure that Igbo language is there for the future generation but also to ensure that the next generation will embrace Igbo language and culture with pride.

Our courses are structured with curriculum continuity to help students to not only understand this second language but to speak and write it as well. We designed our lessons for individuals who understands, speaks, reads, and write English Language. Our courses differ in complexity levels, from beginners to more advance content.

Courses are available upon completion of registration. Note: our courses are free but registration is required.


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Check this book out

Easy to Learn: Igbo Language Paperback – October 30, 2012

This book mainly focuses on the common usage of Igbo language. It is an intermediate learning material for any individual whose original language is not Igbo language; and who can read and understand English language as well. Upon completion of this learning book, student should be able to carry basic Igbo conversation both in written and verbal form

Follow this Amazon Link to get a copy Price $12


Igbo Grammar: Grammatical Rules In Igbo LanguagePaperback – October 31, 2012

Igbo Grammar A comprehensive learning material for any individual whose original language is not Igbo language and who can read and understand English language as well. Upon completion of this learning book, student should be able to carry proper conversation in Igbo language either in written or verbal form. Students are encouraged to study prior editions like the Easy to Learn Igbo Language; however, this is by no means a requirement. Students who have learned English language grammar prior to learning the Igbo Grammar should find this book very helpful Igbo Grammar – aimed to help learners begin mastering Igbo language to communicate with fluency and proper understanding.
Follow this Amazon link to get your copy Price $13.99

Igbo Language For Beginners: Introduction to Igbo Language (Igbo Edition)

by B.S.,M.S.,, Victor C. Okorochukwu (Author)  Price $9.50-13.99

Follow this link to get your copy


Igbo Radio covers a wide variety of topics including Igbo News, Igbo School, Igbo Cartoons and more. Visit Igbo Radio through the link below


More Igbo Language Online Resourses will be published as we receive such information

Compilled by Okechukwu P. Oranika (Odezuligbo 1)


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