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African Cultural wears are in Vogue. Africans are reclaiming their cultural identity and many are expressing such identity through traditional African clothing. Africa Business World has assembled latest selections for Ladies and Men’s fashions in vogue. African head ties are in from Nigeria, to Ghana and Cote D’ivoire, and from South Africa to Kenya and international cities, including London, New York, Paris, Los Angeles, and Atlanta one can find many African Ladies and men dressed in spectacular and fashionable African garments at gatherings and parties a great and festive mood for Christmas and New Year Holiday season. Check through some of Africa Business World African fashion Photo collections.

African-fashion and Designs 8 Africa Business World -2014African-fashion and Designs 7 Africa Business World -2014


African-fashion and Designs Africa Business World -2014Africa Fashion Designs Africa BUsiness WorldAfrican-fashion and Designs 2 Africa Business World -2014African-fashion and Designs 3 Africa Business World -2014African-fashion and Designs 4 Africa Business World -2014African-fashion and Designs 5 Africa Business World -2014African-fashion and Designs 5 Africa Business World -2014 Asandrea DSC_1989Asandrea DSC_1976Asandrea DSCAsandrea DSC 2


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