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Otu-Umuokpu Atlanta Upholding Igbo Language and Culture-Induction 2019

The 2019 Induction Ceremony of Otu-Umuopku Atlanta took center stage on June 8, 2019 in Atlanta Georgia  Indeed it was a great day and great show. Credit goes to the Executives and all the members of Otu-Umuokpu  Atlanta Chapter for exalting Igbo language and Culture to the next level. We thank Otu Umuokpu Atlanta for making sure that Igbo Language was used during this special Induction ceremony. You will see somewhere in this video special recognition given to the women in all white costume. (Ndi echili echichi Iyom ha gba Odu n’ukwu)  It was a great day for Igbo language as the ceremony was conducted in Igbo Language

Executives of Otu-Umuokpu Atlanta Chapter

This is the trend now and we will not wait to see a day and time when all Igbo events, ceremonies and Conventions every where both in Igboland and Diaspora are all done in Igbo Language See the beautiful women of Otu-Umuokpu Atlanta in the enclosed Youtube video and see what I am talking about. Anyi nekwu na asusu Igbo ga adi ndu rue mgbe ebigbi ebi Iseeeeeeeee.

Click on the video below


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