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Nollywood Actor Charles Awurum stirs up Publicity stunt for his movie-See movie clip

Ever since ABW published the below Interview with Charles Awurum the Nollywood Actor and producer  of this funny Igbo movie “Mgbechi Onugha”, interest in watching this comedy movie in Maryland during the 1st Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival September 1-3 has quadrupled. Additionally Charles has joined the promotion of his movie premiere on social media. We are currently considering showing the movie on two different time slots to accommodate the growing interest. If you have not seen the clip of his movie “Mgbechi Onugba” scroll down here and click on the youtube video to watch it. Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival would only feature Igbo language films only as part of our program to promote the use of Igbo language in daily converstaion among Ndigbo world wide.Here is my brief comedy expose on what happens when I meet and Igbo and speak Igbo to them. Here is the dramatization of what happens

Okechukwu: Nwanna kedu ka imere

Response: Oh I am doing very well my brother thanks

Okechukwu: Kedu ka ndi be gi mere nwannem?

Response: My family is doing very well thank God

Okechukwu: Ngwa nu nodu na ma Chukwu gozie gi na ndi be gi

Response: Okay we shall see later my brother may God bless you too

This brief dramatization is what generally happens when a real Igbo speaker talks to an Igbo that likes to blow English grammar. This is what we are about to change! Speak Igbo to an Igbo person today, tomorrow and for ever.

Here is the Interview with Charles Awurum. The only reason we do this in English is because we are writing for a global audience many of our readers don’t understand Igbo Language

The Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival extravaganza will be taking place soon in Maryland/Washington DC September 1-3, 2017. The theme of the festival is “Preservation of Igbo Language and Culture”. We have partnered with the Nollywood Movie Industry to feature Igbo Language films which fits the theme of our event. Here is another installment of ABW Nollywood Celebrity Interview Series with Actor Charles Awurum whose film “Mgbechi Onugba” will be premiered at the Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival 2017 coming up Sept 1-3 2017 at the Best Western Events and Conference Center  5910 Princess Garden Parkway, Lanham MD 20907

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ABW Nollywood Celebrity Interview Series with Actor Charles Awurum

ABW: Charles Thank you for agreeing to do this interview, Kedu ka imere?

Charles: You are welcome sir. Adikwam mma.

ABW: You are from Ala Igbo what is your home town?

Charles: I am from Abba, Nwangele LGA. Imo State.

ABW: What motivated you to pursue film acting career? Have you always wanted to be a Nollywood actor?

Charles: Acting has always been my dream, right from when i was a kid. It has always been happiness for me, when i watch good drama productions on television. I wanted to be part of ‘The village headmaster’, an NTA production when i was in secondary school. I was very small when they replied my letter to them, for me to come for audition. My father was somebody who does not want any distraction from our academics, so he refused to take me to NTA. “Lanbodo” a stage production entry by Nigeria for Festac 77, hightened my ambition to be an actor.

ABW:  How many movies have you acted or played a major role in Charles?

Charles: I can’t remember how many productions i have taken part in. It should be over hundred

ABW:  Whow this is incredible number of movies, You are married we know, How much support do you get from your wife and family members in your acting career?
Charles: I am married with three boys and they all have been so supportive. My wife is great. She is a great inspiration to me. She encourages me a lot.Charles Awurum Image

ABW: Which one of your movies is your most favorite movie?

Charles: I will not say any of my movies is my favorite, because they are all good in their  own way. But i am in love with Sir K’s movie ‘Across the Niger’ directed by Izu Ojukwu

ABW: What was that movie all about? Can you give us a brief synopsis of that movie?

Charles: It’s a story about the Biafran/Nigerian war. How an Igbo senior officer in the Nigerian army excaped from the north and came back to Igbo land through the bush.

ABW: What do you think about the launching of the Africa Magic Igbo Channel?

Charles:  Bringing in Africa magic Igbo as one of the DSTV programmes, was a great bust to the Igbos and Igbo language.

ABW: You are coming to Maryland for the 1st Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival coming on Sept 1-3, 2017. We have agreed to Premiere your movie “Mgbechi Onugba” at this event. What are your thoughts on this?

Charles: Premiering my movie ‘Mgbechi Onugba’ at the ‘1st Igbo Diaspora Heritage Festival’ is one of the greatest gift i have gotten this year.It is always a thing of joy when your own people recognizes you and your work and decides to showcase you to the world. I am filled with joy and thanks to my brothers and sisters in the United States of America, who have decided to give me this honor. May God who have used them to reach out to me, bless them and give this Festival ” 1st Igbo Diaspora Heritage Festival” a great bust.

ABW: I saw brief clip and synopsis of this film. It looks very interesting. Best of all it is an Igbo language movies which fits the theme of our event, Can you tell us more about this movie? The movie looks like a very funny movie, I saw a scene where the actor was taping up Mgbechi’s mouth with a Scotch tape . what was happening there, she talks too much or what?

Charles:  I have given a thriller and a little synopsis about the movie ‘Mgbechi Onugba’. If i say more on it again, i selling out the whole movie, then why are telling people to come and watch it. The rest story will be at the premiere. Yes she talks too much and instead of always putting her husband into trouble, her husband decided to tape her mouth.

ABW We are happy your movie was done in Igbo language. This is the essence of what our festival is all about. Do you plan to do more Igbo Language films in the future?

Charles: Magic Lens Pictures Limited has always been a supporter of the growth of the Igbo language. So we will keep doing more Igbo language movies and with this great honour you are giving us by premiering our movie, we will not fail you. Will stay in partnership with you, so that our language, the language of the Igboman and woman will not die.

ABW: There seems to be a new interest in Igbo language films why in your view are Igbo actors somewhat reluctant in shooting Igbo language films?

Charles: The Igbo producers are reluctant to produce Igbo language movies, because of their quest to make more money and reach a wider view. But thank God that they are realising that by this action they are by there own hands killing their language, while other tribes are doing all the can not only to keep their language, but sell out, internationally.

ABW: There is a prediction that Igbo language may become extinct according to UNESCO in several decades from now. What are your thoughts on that, and how can Ndigbo help to revive the usage of Igbo Language?

Charles: UNESCO is right, but by what you people are doing in America, coming together to promote Igbo language and culture and our realisation down there in Nigeria that Igbo producers are now cultivating the habit of producing Igbo movies. There is also this great woman, Mrs Kanayo Ntukogu  i call her great because she took a bold step in introducing an Igbo school, where they teach children how to speak Igbo language here in America , ‘PILA ‘ this type of school should be opened across the world. Igbo language must stay alive!

ABW: We sent you an invitation to our event are you coming for sure?

Charles: Yes, i will honour your invitation to attend the 1st Igbo Diaspora Heritage Festival, because we are fighting the same cause. I am already getting my things ready. Even i have a mind of not coming, my oga at the top Chief  Crown Prince Alexander Chukwudimma Nwokeabia(Ejiamatu) who is also my manager will bulldoze me to America.

ABW: Igwe Ejiamatu is a great Igbo patriot we all love and respect him for all his work. You told me in one of my phone conversations with you  that you have large fan following in the United States. Are you going to reach out to them to come to Maryland to see Mgbechi Onugba this September 1-3?

Charles: I have reached out to all my fans, brothers and sisters in America and even in Canada. They will all be here. I have also called out to my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter friends that stay in America. I am sure they will all be there at the Premiere and Festival

ABW: That is great, I love actors who are very proactive and will offer a hand in promoting their movies. I give you lots of credit for your action oriented strategy, no procrastination In fact you responded to this interview within short 36 hours What we may do is to show your movie in two different time slots if we have a very large crowd. What is next for Charles? Are you working on a new movie now?

Charles: I have an award programme coming up in Nigeria, on the 28th of October this year. Magic Lens Africa Film Academy Award of Excellence (MAFAA 2017). It is an award for those who on their own are helping the movie industry in Africa grow. We use the award to say thank you to them. Like in Nigeria, the movie industry is the second highest revenue earner. And one of, if not the highest employer of labour. So we are begging those who have, to help us, so that we can get future armed robbers off the street. I will like to use this opportunity to invite all who can make it to come. And i will also want to discuss with those who will want to help us so that the award programme will grow from strength to strength, when i come to America. Thank you and God bless.

ABW: We like to sincerely thank you Charles for granting ABW this exclusive celebrity interview, and from me, Okechukwu P. Oranika and our staff at Africa Business World we like to wish you and your family well in all your future endeavors. We hope to do this again in the near future, as we look forward to seeing you at the upcoming 1st Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival Sept 1-3 at the Events and Conference Center of Best Western Hotel in Lanham Maryland. Asusu na omenala Igbo ga adi ndu Iseee!

See Charles Awurum’s Movie  clip “Mgbechi Onugba” through the link below




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