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Nnamdi Kanu Storms Port Harcourt welcomed by massive Crowds-See some videos

Pro-Biafran supporters came out in large numbers in Port Harcourt today Friday July 21, to welcome their leader to the city. In his speech Kanu said there is nothing like one Nigeria, and urged IPOB’s supporters to demand Biafra Republic which Kanu said is a reward for the people, and their children . Kanu received a hero’s welcome to the city of Port HarcourAccording to Vanguard report, Kanu received thunderous welcome when he visited and met with the Ijaw Elders of Port Harcourt. Folks take your time and watch these videos, what we are witnessing is a growing movement of young people who for all intents and purposes have been shut out of the benefits and proceeds of Nigeria’s oil wealth.

See selected videos of some of the scenes across  Port Harcourt today Friday July 21


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