Nnamdi Kanu Storms Owerri-Unbelievable Crowds-See Videos

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Owerri Nnamdi Kanu Crowds

Just about everywhere Nnamdi Kanu visits there is huge crowds stretching for about one mile following him. At Owerri the story is the same. We let you draw your own conclusions A picture is said to be worth of a thousand words. One anonymous commentator said

“Biafra is our country, and the Land of Biafra belongs to the Biafra people. Our fundamental right to self determination cannot be denied or hindered by anyone. The world is full of cruelty, hate and games, but this Time we don’t care what the world is full of, there’s only one way forward for our survival and that is to restore Biafra for us to live. #Biafra must be restored to a fully well governed Country for the survival of the Biafra People. Biafra is our indigenous heritage, and we have the right to restore and do whatever we wish or want to do with it for us to live and proper in all aspect of Life as other Great Countries around the World. We’ll also accommodate rightfully, responsible and meaningful people to live, benefit from the dividends of our Democracy, and also invest . Biafra Restoration is a quest that must be continued until it is fully achieved. We must not relent or back down No! We must continue till the end because Biafra is here to stay and we must continue……… all hail Biafra”




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Eze Eri

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