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Breaking-New Coronavirus Cases rise in US as More States Reopen

Many states in the US have opened their economies up once more, contrary to warnings from Medical Scientists and experts. The latest data shows that the growth of new coronavirus infections in the US is once more heading up outside New York State. The rate of new infections is again heading in the wrong direction.

According to Associated Press analysis, “New confirmed infections per day in the U.S. exceed 20,000, and deaths per day are well over 1,000”, this data was extrapolated from new figures released by Johns Hopkins University.

This new development leads to one inescapable conclusion-As more people go outside, the rate of infections will go up. Coronavirus is still hanging around folks, public health authorities have consistently warned that if the US fails to flatten the Coronavirus curve, more people, unfortunately, would die from this pandemic.

According to Linda Oaks, Director of the Health Department of Shawnee County, Kansas, “Make no mistakes: This virus is still circulating in our community, perhaps even more now than in previous weeks”

By May 10, a few days from now more than 43 states in the US will have opened their states either fully or partially.

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