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10 Class Action Lawsuits filed in US Against China

About 8 Class Action Lawsuits have so far been filed in the United States seeking trillions of dollars from China for its mishandling of the Coronavirus disease which is currently ravaging the world. Another Lawsuit has been filed by the State of  Missouri and Mississippi says it is currently filing its lawsuit against China making it 10 different cases against China to date.

But these cases may face an uphill task to go forward because, under the Sovereign Immunity law of 1976, sovereign countries can not be sued in the United States unless certain exclusions are met, According to Chimène Keitner, a professor of international law at the University of California, the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of 1976 (FSIA) provides foreign governments blanket immunity from most U.S.-tried lawsuits, carving out exceptions only in a few narrow circumstances.”

According to NBC News”Currently, there are two bills in Congress that would eliminate that legal hurdle by stripping China off its sovereign immunity in cases dealing with the coronavirus”.

Many countries internationally are moving along with their own lawsuits too. Many states are facing serious money crunch issues related to Coronavirus shutdown, without Federal assistance some states may be facing Bankruptcy. The number of lawsuits against China will grow undoubtedly.

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