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More Bad News for Trump in Coming Election

New October Poll by Emerson Poll shows that the number of Americans supporting impeachment against Trump has gone up lately particularly in states that Trump won the Electoral College votes this past election like Ohio. Majority of Ohioans (47% for and 43% now favor impeachment) In head to Head match ups Trump would lose to all three leading Democrats running for President, Biden, Sanders and Warren)

According to the latest poll by Fox News in Wisconsin, the state that put Trump on Top in the last election support for Trump’s impeachment is gaining momentum. Biden would defeat Trump in Wisconsin if election is held today by 9 points.

Independent voters were crucial in Trump’s victory in the last election a small majority of Independent voters now support the House Impeachment inquiry against Trump. In the last election Independent voters voted for trump by 4% points over Hillary Clinton.

The point here is that Trump can not win the coming election without carrying states like Ohio, Wisconsin and North Carolina and must win majority of Independent voters. Most of the problem for Trump is related with the Ukraine Controversy. More to come



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