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May 30th Biafra 50th Anniversary: Lessons for Nigeria and the World-See Videos

May 30th, 2017 is a day to be recorded in Biafran history as a day the people of Biafra showed the world that although they were forcefully reunited with Nigeria in 1970 following the end of the Nigeria/Biafra war, their minds, hearts and souls still resides in Biafra. The Biafra movement led by IPOB. an organization which leads the effort to achieve Biafran Independence practically shut down all business and commercial activities in Biafraland. IPOB had no weapons nor arms to enforce their “sit at home order” on May, 30, 2017. What they have with them is a huge supportive and obedient audience. willing to carry out their orders. From Abia state to Anambra state, from Enugu to Imo and Ebonyi states and parts of Delta, Rivers, and  Bayelsa states and more the story was the same. Business activities came to a stand still. Nigerian security agents dispatched to ensure that commercial activities and shops remain open were successful in carrying out the order of making sure that the gates to markets and other commercial centers remained open. But that was it.

The problem was that while the gates remained open, the people remained indoors in solidarity with IPOBs May Day order to observe that day by staying at home  as Biafra day, a day to remember the millions of Biafrans, men, women, pregnant women, children, infants  killed and starved to death during the Nigeria/Biafra war from 1967-1970. The May 30th 2017 Biafra anniversary was also celebrated in major cities of the world by Biafrans and their supporters. Unlike in the sixties, there are estimates that over 12 million Igbos now live abroad. Africa Business World have put together a collection of videos from across the world dedicated to May 30th, 2017 Biafra 50th Anniversary celebrations. There is no doubt that IPOB has succeeded here employing peaceful non violent means to achieve their desired objective. There may be a lesson here of what may likely happen when the Biafra Referendum is carried out! It is extremely difficult to suppress the will of a people for ever!

Please browse the following May 30, 2017 Biafra Independence Anniversary put together by the staff of Africa Business World.


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