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Los Angeles Igbo Heritage Festival 2018 Welcome Message To Ndigbo

Message from the Planning Committee ChairmanChief Okechukwu Oranika (Odezuligbo 1)
N’olu Igbo
Ndibe anyi nnoa nuo! Obi di anyi nile uto nke ukwu maka etu unu nile siri gbakoba na Los Angeles California nafo 2018 iji zaa oku anyi bu ndi Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival Atlanta na Umuada Di Igbo Mma Los Angeles California  kporo maka nnukwu emume anyi kara iji bulite asusu n’omenala Igbo elu. Emume nke a bu ka anyi tua elo mara ihe anyi nile ga eme maka ihe gbasara asusu na omenala ndigbo. Ilu Igbo kwuru na “anyukoo nwa amiri onu ogbaa ufufu” Ilu igbo ozo kwukwasi na okenya anaghi ano n’ulo ewu amu nwa n’ogbuli”, obulu inu bulu okwu. Ka anyi were ehihe choo ewu oji maka na chi jie ichotakwa ewu ahu ga esi nnukwu ike. Asusu Igbo na ala ala n’ihi na ndi Igbo anaghi akuziri umu ha asusu Igbo n’ulo. Nsogbu nkea kazi  njo na ala Igbo, maka nne na nna adikwaghi eme ihe nne anyi na nna anyi mgbe ochie mere etu ha siri gbaa nnukwu mbo kuziere anyi bu umuha asusu Igbo. Anyi aga ano n’ulo ama anyi echie mbanu!. Ndibeany agwo no n’okilika. Onye obula kporo onwe ya onye Igbo kwesiri ima n’obu ihe any bu ikenya Ndigbo metara ka asusu anyi jiri na ala ala maka na onye isuru Igbo kama oga aza gi n’olu Igbo owere asusu oyibo zaa gi.  Biko nu ka m were asusu oyibo were zie ozi ndi ozo foro ka onye obula nwee ike ghota ebe m si abia. Biko rie nu nwenu nnukwu obi uto maka na Chineke kere Ndigbo furu anyi n’anya nke ukwu. Ana m asi na okpa unu Jiri bia na Los Angeles California ka unu ga ejikwazi laa ebe unu siri bia n’udo. Ajo muo ma obu ajo mmadu agaghi ano n’uzo unu. Oga adiri Igbo mma naha Chineke Chukwu Abiama kere anyi nile Iseeeeeeeeeee!
Message in English
Let me first begin by extending our heartfelt welcome to all of our Igbo brethren and friends of Ndigbo   from all parts of the world who have gathered here in Los Angeles California August 17-August 18, 2018 for the 2nd Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival. We are glad you have assembled here in Los Angeles California not only to celebrate our great Igbo language and culture but to also find ways and means of keeping our precious language and culture alive for the enjoyment of coming Igbo generations and posterity. Yesterday the Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival was just an idea and concept but today such idea has been transformed into a full fledged World Igbo Heritage Festival thanks to all the good men and women along with our Patrons and Sponsors who have helped to actualize this idea.
 You are therefore a part of this continuing history by being here in person to witness the second installment of Igbo Heritage Festival 2018 in Los Angeles.  This Festival idea was generated to help Ndigbo focus attention on ways and means to keep our beloved Igbo Language and culture alive. UNESCO an agency of the United Nations has predicted that Igbo language along with other identified languages in the world is facing extinction. Why is our language facing extinction one may ask? The answer is simple. Those of us that are lucky to be born Igbo do not speak nor teach Igbo language to our children any longer. We often find it more convenient to speak English or another version of convoluted Engli-Igbo by mixing English and Igbo language together. I am putting this message forward in English because I fully understand that many people here are not capable of reading and writing in Igbo Language. So I made this decision to send this message in English in other to increase the comprehension level and reach of this message. But you can also see that I started my message in Igbo Language nonetheless.
From this year onward, Ndigbo will come together each year at a designated city including cities in all parts of the world and those in Igboland to continue the dialogue we have started here on ways and means to keep our great Igbo civilization, language and culture alive for Igbo generations yet unborn. Many Igbo Communities have been stepping forward to host this festival in the coming years. Next year our Igbo brethren in Atlanta GA under Anaedo Social Club International Atlanta GA would be hosting in 2019, We have already received some requests from Igbo communities across the world to host the 2020 edition of the festival. What are the lessons one can reach here? Again the answer is simple. Ndigbo across the world have realized what an Igbo proverb best projected that “Miri do ne’ju doro nwa nkita”. This Igbo proverb when translated into English implies that it is the collective responsibility as Ndigbo to do what is necessary to be done today to stop the demise of our great Igbo language and culture.This wise Igbo proverb reminds us that no one will do this task for us. Please speak Igbo at home with your family members even when we are tempted to speak English language. Please teach your kids and grand kids Igbo, at home with God on our side we will succeed. 
Have fun and be safe while here in the great city of Los Angeles-City of Angeles. We welcome everyone to be a part of this great festival by contributing any ideas you may have towards achieving our goal of keeping Igbo Language and Culture alive. Igbo proverb says “anyukoo nwa amiri onu ogbaa ufufu”. May I cease this opportunity to thank our great partner and host-UMUADA DI IGBO MMA of Los Angeles under the able leadership of Chief Helen Ezinne Duruhesie (Oputaozuo Gburugburu) and all their members for a job well done May God guide all of you safely back to your home destinations and we look forward to seeing you all again in Atlanta GA in 2019
Prof. Okechukwu P. Oranika (Odezuligbo 1)
Founder of Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival and Chairman Event Planning Committee
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