Igbos-Must-Go: Fani-Kayode, Afenifere Warn Arewa — This Is Not 1966

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Fani Kayode

Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has sent a note of warning to Arewa leadership over their recent Igbos-Must-Go Agitation.

Chief Fani-Kayode expressed his dissatisfaction with the northern leadership in a treatise he personally signed and made available to Elomabh.com.

He warned the agitating youths that this is not 1966 when they unleashed pogrom on Igbos without dire consequences.

He said that “this time around the Igbo are not alone. An attack on them is an attack on every southerner and every Middle Belter.

He concluded by warning that any such an attack will have grave and unfathomable consequences.

Read the full statement below:

“The northern youths must be warned and told in very clear terms. This is not 1966.

Any pogrom or slaughter of Igbos in the north will lead to a swift, immediate and devastating retaliation throughout the south.

Those that gave the Igbo quit notice in the north are playing with fire and that fire will consume them.

They are opening the gates of hell and they will enter that gate.

They are plunging us into darkness and we shall enter that darkness together. Nigeria belongs to us all.

I urge the core Muslim northern elders and leaders to call their youths to order before they spark off a series of events and a crisis that may not only lead to a second civil war but will also lead to the end of Nigeria.

This time around the Igbo are not alone. An attack on them is an attack on every southerner and every Middle Belter. And such an attack will have grave and unfathomable consequences”,

Earlier, the pan-Yoruba political organisation, Afenifere had warned that the eviction order issued by the coalition of Northern Youths to Igbos to vacate the North may be the beginning of the end of Nigeria.

Spokesperson of Afenifere, Yinka Odumakin, reacting to the ultimatum, urged Northern elders to call their youths to order.

“Carrying out their threats would be a prelude to another pogrom,” he said.

“These elements have over the years showed their propensity to attack people, but like the Chinua Achebe said, they are holding a knife to the tiny rope that still holds the country together.

“I hope that if they still have elders, their elders should call them to order, otherwise, it may be the beginning of the end of Nigeria, as we know it.

“They should know that in 1967, they had a coalition to fight the Igbo but that coalition is no more there today. We know the people that fought the last war and won it.

“I can boldly speak for the Yoruba nation, that if the north thinks they can declare another war against the Igbo, it would not work.

“If they see any Yoruba man joining them to fight the Igbo, then that person must be a mercenary.

“The Igbo were not fighting, neither were they causing any crisis, but were just trying to make their grievances known in a peaceful manner.

“Why should they be threatened? For northerners to tell them to leave the north is sad for the polity,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the governors from the 5 southeastern states, after an emergency meeting on Wednesday, has volunteered to evacuate any and all Igbo living in northern Nigeria that wishes to leave.

To achieve that feat, they have volunteered 100 luxurious buses, 200 trailers/trucks, and an additional N500,000 per head for anyone who wishes to relocate back to his/her state of origin.


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