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Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival Part 3-Summit and Igbo Workshop-See Photos

Incredible PILA Igbo School Dancers from Baltimore

Having completed parts 1 and 2 of this report, here is the story of Part 3, in the 5 Part Series which will wrap up with Parts 4 and 5-The Communique

Part 3-The Igbo Summit and Igbo Language WorkshopIgbo Summit Photos 1

Igbo Summit Resourceful Nwannedinamba womenResourceful Nwannedinamba women we are grateful for your hospitality

Igbo Summit Photos Ngozi IgweSinger Ngozi Igwe

Day 2 began with Continental breakfast offered by the Best Western Hotel, which began around 6.30 am and ended at 10 am. Soon afterwards, Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage registration desk opened thanks to Chief Toby Chiaha of Nwannedinamba who was there early for that purpose.

Igbo Summit Chief Obidike and Mrs AjuluchukwuChief and Mrs Obidike Ajuluchukwu

Chief Toby at Registration DeskChief Toby Chiaha and others at the Registration booth


Participation in the Igbo Summit is open for all individuals and Igbo organizations across the world.The organizers welcomed every topic proposed and  submitted, as a show of unity that no matter what our individual views and differences may be with regards to Igbo agenda and state of affairs  in Nigeria, all Igbos from every social and political persuasion in life must be welcomed and given an opportunity to contribute their views and ideas on any matter relating to Ndigbo. IPOB Representatives attended this extraordinary event and their US Coordinator Dr. Iroanya presented a paper at the event as well.igbo Summit Photos-Mayor of Washington DC being recognizedMayor of Washington DC Chief Ukpabi

Igbo Summit Photos Nwadinnemba Masquerade DanceNwannedinamba Men we thank you!

Opening Prayers and breaking of Cola nuts

Igbo Summit PhotosIchie Udorji strategizing with Okey Ononaku of ICOTT USA

Opening prayer was performed by Rev. Nnorom. The Chairman of Nwannedinamba USA Ichie Dr. Larry Udorji received the cola nuts presented by Nwannedinamba USA women

Igbo Summit Colanuts

Igbo Summit photos Ichie Dr. Larry UdorjiChairman Udorji then performed the traditional breaking of cola nuts ceremony by first handing it over to the oldest Igbo crowned chief on the high table and  many other Igbo titled chiefs present at the occasion were asked to take one cola nut as a symbol of recognition and respect  in line with dictates of  Igbo culture and tradition. The cola nut was blessed and broken and shared among every one present. The event is on its way as all the Presenters and Moderators were then seated and the Igbo Summit and Igbo Language Workshop commenced.

Igbo Summit Nze Okey Okigwe Nze Na Ozo USANze na Ozo USA President Nze Okey Okigweh our Chief Event Technologist and Director of Social Media Communications

Igbo Summit Photo Rev Fr Nnorom and DC Mayor UkpabiRev Fr Nnorom with DC Mayor Ukpabi

Igbo Summit and Igbo Language Workshop Presentations

Topics presented covered a variety of issues relating to not only Igbo language and culture but also on all issues relating to the Igbo nation as a whole including the issue of Biafra

Igbo Summit Dr Stanley OnyeDr. Stanley Onye Moderator of the Igbo Summit

1. The first Presentation was made by Mazi Okechukwu Oranika who once again welcomed everyone to the Igbo Summit and Igbo Language workshop. Oranika opened  the workshop by reminding everyone of the reason for launching this event which according to him was to draw the attention of the Igbo Diaspora along with Igbos at home to the issue of the demise of Igbo Language and culture. He noted that this effort would be ongoing and new initiatives may also be introduced in the future to continue the effort  to keep Igbo language and culture alive.

Igbo Summit Photos-Okey Oranika made a presentationMazi Oranika made a presentation at the Igbo Summit

Oranika informed the audience that many Igbo communities in the United States, Canada, South Africa, and Igbos at home have endorsed this effort. He noted that this would be a global event and gathering every year. igbo Summit photos -Umeh FamilyThe Umeh Family

This year our brethren in Nwannedinamba USA under their Chairman Ichie Dr.Larry Udorji is hosting this event in Lanham Maryland. In 2018, the great Igbo Association of New England would be hosting in Boston and Igbo organizations in Atlanta Georgia and Igbo groups in Houston Texas would be hosting for 2019 and 2020 respectively.

Igbo Summit-Young Atlanta Igbo Millonaire Prince and Mrs Agurd --Chief PatronAtlanta Igbo Millionaire Prince M O and Mrs Agurd- our Chief Event Patron

Oranika also added that in future this event would also be staged in other places in the world including South Africa, Alaigbo, Canada, Europe and other places  in line with the aim of the organizers-to globalize the first and only Igbo World-wide Cultural Heritage Festival. Many other Presentations were made including:

2. Dr. George Njoku – “Leadership for Peace, Unity, and Progress for Igbo Nation”,
3. Ezi Ada Anayo Ntukaogu / Ada Udochi “Igbo Language Workshop”
4. Rev. Dr. Patrick Okeahialam – “Preservation of Igbo Language & Cultural: A Moral Duty”
5. Dr. Clifford Iroanya representing IPOB – The presentation will cover a brief history of Nigeria from 1914 till date. The current Nigerian Constitution will be x-rayed and the validity of its preamble tested per its claim that the Constitution was made, enacted or given by the citizenry. The presentation will proffer strategies on peaceful and non-violent ways to test the validity of the claims on the preamble of Constitution. Finally, the presentation will encourage Biafrans to support all peaceful and non-violent efforts to free Biafra land from political and economic slavery and servitude.
6. Attorney Okey Mbonu – “How to Leverage the Power of the Diaspora more Effectively”igbo Summit Photos Okey MbonuSuccessful DC Attorney Okey Mbonu made a presentation
7.Dr. Mike  – “Why Igbo Tradition & Culture Should not be allowed to Die in Diaspora/Days of our fathers”
Panelists: Dr. Stanley Onye, Dr. Larry Udorji, Sir Ethelbert Anthony, Ken Eto, Hon. Fred Oforka, Sir Pius Illogu, Dr. Mike, Prof. Paul Oranika, and others
Please note that all these papers would be published individually on Africa Business World so anyone interested  can read the entire paper presentation. We are asking the presenters to please email a copy of their electronic presentation to Mazi Okey Oranika
Please read the next Presentation in Part 4 which is the main story covering the Banquet and Gala Night, Cultural dances, Masqerade dances, and much more including the Nwannedinamba Igbo Diaspora Service Awards
Written by Okechukwu P. Oranika


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