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History is made as Donald Trump meets with Kim Jung Un in Singapore

The President of the United States Donald Trump met Kim Jung Un of North Korea few hours ago in an unprecedented historic meeting which many people doubted will ever happen. With the US Flags flying side by side with the Korean flag both leaders had a very warm hand shake as president Trump also set the stage with a very positive comment that it was an honor to be here . The North Korean leader also made an optimistic statement by reminding everyone that there were so many obstacles along the way but they overcome all of them. It remains to be seen if concrete agreements could be reached between both men regarding de-nuclearization by North Korea.  North Korea has a brutal repressive government and Kim Jung Un, his father and grand father have killed so many of their country men and women  for little or unknown  charges.  American Basketball star Dennis Rodman who is credited with opening the door have also arrived in Singapore where he gave a brief statement to CNN saying that he received so many death threats following his trip and meeting with Kim Jung Un who he calls a great friend.

Okechukwu Oranika Reporting from Atlanta

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