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First Igbo born in Diaspora Speaks, Writes, Reads Perfect Igbo-See Video

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Have you heard of the name Chinyere Ohaya? She is young, talented and only 16 years old. She was born outside Igbo land in Atlanta Georgia USA.She is destined for the record books in the annals of Igbo linguistics, cultural legacy and history. Young Chinyere has become the first Igbo child born in the United States that speaks, writes, reads pure and perfect Igbo language. You may ask why is this significant and why am I so happy about this new development?

Some of us worry about what is happening to Igbo language and culture. There are UN Agency prediction that Igbo language will ultimately disappear from the face of the planet. The main reason being that Ndigbo do not speak Igbo as much any longer. We are all used to speaking convoluted Engli-Igbo version where a mixture of English/Igbo are combined in place of speaking pure Igbo. We have introduced several Igbo cultural festivals, Igbo language Schools are being launched in many jurisdictions in the Igbo Diaspora, and there is some growing awareness to this unfortunate problem arising from shear ignorance of our people to let our language die. Even in some primary and secondary schools in Igboland students are discouraged from speaking Igbo language in school premises.

It is gratifying to see this recent development where by some Igbo Children born outside Igboland are now capable of learning and speaking perfect Igbo language. There is growing interest among these Diaspora Igbo children to learn and speak Igbo language even better than older Igbos can.

At the end of this write up please see an Igbo language lecture by 16 year-old Chinyere Ohaya presented at the Igbo Catholic Convention in Los Angeles recently. The YouTube video is provided so please listen with your ears and watch with your own eyes.

Borrowing from the words of John F. Kennedy, I like to say here that:

“The torch has now been passed to a new generation of Igbo Children born outside Igbo land in the Igbo Diaspora capable of learning, reading, writing and speaking perfect Igbo” -Okechukwu P. Oranika

Mother Queenette Ohaya and daughter Chinyere Ohaya have a vision to save Igbo language and Culture from extinction. Thanks to Mazi Dr. Jude Ohaya for the encouragement and support for this project. Queenette has launched an Igbo School in Atlanta Georgia, the official inauguration ceremony has been set for June 10, 2017. More details will be published in due course through ABW.News reaching us at Africa Business discloses that Ndigbo will from this point forward do whatever it takes to teach Igbo Language and culture to the new generation of Igbo Children born in the Diaspora. Efforts are being made in different locations in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia to teach Igbo Children everything they need to know about their language and cultural heritage.

Information about the new Atlanta Igbo School was disclosed to me following the performance of some of the Atlanta  Igbo School students at the Annual Atlanta Igbo Catholic Mass celebrated at the Igbo Community Building in Mableton Georgia. Ten students of the school, all born in the United States were brought forward during the mass to help say prayers in Igbo.

It was incredible and gratifying to see and hear these Igbo kids successfully offer prayers in Igbo Language during the mass. Some of us that have consistently pushed on for Ndigbo to speak Igbo Language in family conversations with other Igbos are very happy to see that such efforts are beginning to create the needed awareness about the demise of Igbo language and traditions.

Queenette’s Vision

To help prevent the igbo language from extinction, Mrs. Queenette Ohaya through her Focus Children Organization opened ATLANTA IGBO SCHOOL on October 8, 2016 to help all children of different ages and adults who are interested in learning Igbo Language. Igbo language is one of the Igbo’s main forms of identity and must be preserved. Chinyere Ohaya, Queenette’s daughter is on a mission to promote and help preserve the Igbo Language, Culture & Heritage. For registration and additional information, please call Mrs. Queenette Ohaya at 678-895- 1518

Queenette Ohaya Photo New 2Queenette Ohaya founder Atlanta Igbo School

Chinyere’s Profile

Chinyere (Chichi) Ohaya is sixteen years old. She is an 11th grader at Sandy Creek High School in Fayetteville, Georgia. She has always been an honor student; Math and Science are her favorite subjects. She is the first of six children by Dr. & Mrs. Jude & Queenette Ohaya. Her parents are from the Igbo language speaking region of Eastern Nigeria. Chi-Chi, as she is fondly called last visited Nigeria with her parents when she was 10 years old, yet she is able to speak, write and read in Igbo. She also gave speeches in Igbo: In 2015, at Orlu Father’s Day meeting; at the Kansas City Amaigbo National Convention July, 2015; on May 7, 2016 at Amaigbo Town Union Fundraising Event on NJALITE OBI MAKA ASUSU IGBO; on June 23, 2016, she was one of the Key Note Speaker in Los Angeles, California at Igbo Catholic Community, USA (ICCUSA) Convention on GROWING UP AS A YOUTH IN IGBO CATHOLIC FAMILY AND COMMUNITY: HOPES & CHALLENGES; on September 3, 2016 at World Igbo Congress Convention New-York, USA, on ASUSU IGBO NA OMENALA IGBO; and November 12, 2016 at Atlanta Igbo Day, she gave a speech on IMEZI ALA IGBO: ASUSU IGBO NA IHE EJIRI MARA NDI IGBO.

Chinyere Ohaya Photo new 2Chinyere Ohaya

Chinyere has a very good appreciation of her heritage and has taken full advantage of her grandma’s presence and her family core values to advance her understanding of Igbo language and culture. Chinyere started playing violin at age six. At her school, she is in the solo/ensemble and Advanced Chamber orchestra. She is able to write music notes for both English and Ibo songs. She is a member of the Nigerian Igbo Catholic Community {NICCA] youth choir and the Nigerian Community choir at St Philip Benizi, Jonesboro, Georgia. She is a youth lector and has sung and read in Igbo several times at the Nigerian Igbo Catholic Community Atlanta (NICCA) monthly mass. Chinyere is also a member of the Nigerian Youth Alliance and Focus Children Foundation (, which is a cultural dance group and a non-profit organization that helps the less fortunate and kids with disability. At her high school Chichi is a member of Key-Club, a youth organization that helps old people in the assisted living homes, and the less fortunate in the community. Chinyere is from a good home and she is a God fearing, obedient, and very respectful girl.

See and watch the famous YouTube Video of Chinyere lecturing Ndigbo on the need to save and preserve Igbo Language and Culture at the Igbo Catholic Convention in Los Angeles

Here is the video


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