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End of United Kingdom is Near as Referendum to leave EU Passes

Political and economic analysts have projected that the United Kingdom Referendum to leave the European Union is almost guaranteed to succeed. This will undoubtedly open up a huge dilemma for the territorial integrity of the United Kingdom as nation. The referendum has been called 52 to 48 by British News Organizations  in favor of the UK to leave the European Union.

In the meantime .Scotland which is part of United Kingdom has universally voted to remain in the European Union, and is now vowing to revisit the Referendum to leave the United Kingdom. This quagmire may ultimately lead to the break up of the United Kingdom.

With this vote to leave the EU,  Britain has ultimately lost the moral obligation and basis for urging its former colony Nigeria to remain one indivisible country. This development will be posityive for many former British colonies such as Biafra seeking for independence. The chicken is coming to roast for Britain, and what it sowed over the years it will now reap. Recall that the war of Genocide against Biafra was bankrolled by Great Britain and other countries including the Soviet Union which has since collapsed as well

The negative economic consequences for Britain is huge. Its stocks are poised for a huge fall at the open of trading tomorrow. It is not clear if the Bank of England will intervene as an inevitable market drop is expected. The stock markets are poised for a huge meltdown tomorrow Friday June 24. The British Pound has lost nearly 11% in the currency markets against the US Dollar. The Euro is also loosing ground following this apparent passage of the “Leave EU Referendum”

Africa Business World will update you with more tomorrow when the market opens.


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