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Ebonyi among States with Highest Poverty Level in Nigeria-Why?

It is official Nigeria has taken over from India as the country with the highest number of people living below poverty level  According to the data released by Vienna based research organization–World Data Lab, 88,011, 789 Nigerians are living below poverty level. The striking thing is that it all happened during Mohammed Buhari’s first term. Most are in the North except Ebonyi state in the South East (Igbo State) Here is the list of 9 states in Nigeria with the highest number of people living in extreme Poverty

  1. Zamfara State-92%
  2. Jigawa State –88%
  3. Bauchi State –87%
  4. Kebbi State –86%
  5. Katsina State–82%
  6. Taraba State –78%
  7. Gombe State–77%
  8. Ebonyi State–56%
  9. Plateau State –51%

Aisha Buhari speaking for President Buhari said the President would focus on changing and closing this gap between the rich and poor states during his second term The question though is how is the President going to change this gap? It is important to say that none of these states is located in the South West, and Niger Delta except for Eboyi State the South East would have cleared the the poverty threshold as well. The big question for Ebonyi State to answer is why is there growing poverty in Ebonyi State?


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