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Congratulations to Beautiful Ifeoma Otigba Winner of Miss Abatete Pageant

ifeoma Otigba miss Abatete 7 2015Africa Business World is extending  big kudos and Congratulations to beautiful winner of the recently held Miss Abatete Pageant. As you may already know, Africa Business World and its founders are supportive of Igbo Cultural Events. Miss Abatate Pageant is special for many reasons one of which is the cultural dimensions of this event with emphasis on Igbo language and Culture. The second reason is somewhat a personal reason. The CEO of Africa Business World Prof. Okechukwu Oranika was born is this beautiful town Abatete just 12 miles from Onitsha, Anambra State. Many of us also refer to this lovely town as Abanna, meaning the town of our fathers. Its a great town and my memories of Abanna are all positive and still indelible on my mind. I remember the early bird songs that often signal daybreak following the cockcrows of the early morning. Mom would always wake us up for early morning mass as devout Catholics, we do this several times during the week.  I remember and pay great tribute to my beautiful mom of blessed memory and all her hard work in support of our dad to put food on the table. I remember the fresh breeze and refreshing gentle winds of Abanna,  I remember the panoramic view of Abanna skyline not with skyscrapers but the tall Palm trees, Coconut trees, Mangoes, that line up the sky of Abanna perhaps a perfect reminder of paradise on earth. There was no crime at Abatete at that time, in fact many of us did not even know the meaning of the word crime, murder, rape robbery and so on until much later in life following the civil war which seem to have ushered in new era . So it is with great joy and pride to see that the youth of Abanna are embracing our great Igbo culture and beautiful language.

ifeoma Otigba miss Abatete 6 2015

Here is the story of the first Cultural Pageant ever staged at Abatete. Special thanks to Leslie Ikenga and Miss Ifeoma Otigba the reigning Queen of Abatete that put the story together. We have adored this story with photos of beautiful Ifeoma Otigba the reigning queen of Abatete

The Face of Abatete: The First Miss Abatete Pageantifeoma Otigba miss Abatete 5 2015

From historical perspective, the first modern beauty pageant was held during the Eglinton Tournament of 1839 held by Archibald Montgomerie, 13th Earl of Eglinton , a re-enactment of a medieval joust that was held in Scotland. The pageant was won by Georgiana Seymour, Duchess of Somerset, the wife of Edward Seymour, 12th Duke of Somerset and sister of Caroline Norton , and she was proclaimed as the ‘Queen of Beauty’. The oldest pageant still in operation today is the Miss America pageant, which was organised in 1921 by a local businessman as a means to entice tourists to Atlantic City , New Jersey.

ifeoma Otigba miss Abatete 4 2015

The face of Abatete Pageant has made history for our great and lovely town as the first ever Pageant organized in our town, a town we all adore and cherish. This pageant  was coordinated under the platform of Abatete Undergraduates Association. The face of Abatete pageantry is to celebrate the beauty, talent, diversity and richness of our culture. This idea is to change lives by empowering young women to achieve their dreams while retaining a keen sense of their roots.

The pageant promotes the speaking of the igbo language and revisit to our traditional value. this event will also serve as a platform for people to pool together and find ways of effecting changes in the community.The contest for male and female from four quarters of Abatete representing the 25 wards in Abatete. It turned out to be the event of year with the event been the first of its kind.

In attendance was Chief G.C Oranika (Ochendo Abatete) who was the former director of FCT Abuja, Chief Don Ekesi (Omelora Abatete), Prof Gilbert Ezekwe (Head of Department Animal Science University of Nigeria Nsukka, Mr Kingsley Omaliko (Ass. Dir NASDRA),Ebere Okafor Nollywood Actress, Engr Jude Okafor, Ezechi of Oraukwu etc.

The event turned out to be a mind blowing one when the winners were announced. The winner from the female Miss Jennifer Ifeoma Otigba from Enu Ogbu, Ogbu Abatete, a 21yrs old student of science and laboratory technology at Federal Polythenic Oko. The Winner from the male category Ebuka Omaliko from Umudunu Agbaja Abatete, a 21yrs old student of Mechanical Engineering at Federal Polythenic Oko. The Runner up Miss Kosiso Theresa Mbanugoh from Enu Ogbu Ogbu Abatete was crowned Miss Tourism Abatete a student of microbiology @ university of Nigeria Nsukka and the runner up from the male category Francis Nkwoka was also crowned Mr tourism Abatete a student at Nnamdi Azikwe University Awka. Miss Chidinma Oputa from Umulichi Ogbu Abatete emerged as Miss popularity Abatete and Miss Adaora Uzoeghelu, emerged as Miss fotogenik Abatete.

The event was the best to my test of knowledge because of the the high standards employed in its coordination. Special thanks goes to Almighty God, Chief  G. C Oranika (Ochendo Abatete) Chief P.O Anaebelundu (Ichie oji II The Obi of Odida Abatete), Chief Charles Udemezue (ichie okaka) the president of Abatete Development Organisation, Chief Emmanuel Chukwuemeka (Ichie Obinwugo), Also special thanks goes to Ntukogu Ozinna, Omezi Izuchukwu, Nonso Okeke, Nonso Uzodinma, chioma Okonkwo, ifeoma Ntukogu, Award movies, Maureen Ezecheta,Chysparkle, Ikenga Leslie, Ndubuisi Amakeze and Finally Ebuka Okafor the president of Abatete Undergraduates Association for making the event a very powerful and great one.

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