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CNN just carried a news story through which they said, that two old men are vying to lead Nigeria’s youngest population  I have always said that Nigeria’s problems may never have an end if the dump voters in the country keeps on putting these old men in power. Here is an excerpt from the CNN article

Lagos, Nigeria (CNN)On first look, not much separates the two front-runners contesting Nigeria’s presidential election. Both are men in their 70s with previous experience of high-level politics. Both are from the same ethnic group. And both are Muslims from the north of the country. Incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari, of the All Progressives Congress party, known as the APC, and Atiku Abubakar, of the People’s Democratic Party, or PDP, will face the Nigerian electorate on February 16 when Africa’s largest democracy votes”.(Source CNN)

The article showed pictures of these two old men who are vying for office in Nigeria, frail looking pictures to say the least.

“The CNN article went on to say that “Although the country has emerged from recession and GDP grew slightly, 87 million Nigerians now live in poverty, the highest number of impoverished people in the world, overtaking India to move into the top spot in 2018”

The article concluded by saying.

“On Saturday, the eyes of the world will once again be on Nigeria to see if this presidential election — the sixth since 1999 — can really be free and fair and, more importantly, hold without widespread violence.”

Folks Nigeria is in trouble and the end is not in sight.


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