Clinton now lead Trump with 2 Million Votes, 7 million Ballots Remain Uncounted

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As white supremacists celebrate Trump’s victory in Washington DC, America remains deeply divided.”Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s popular vote victory continued to grow Monday as over 7 million ballots remained uncounted, according to the latest ballot tally published by the Cook Political Report. The first female major-party nominee has secured nearly 2 million more votes than her opponent, billionaire Donald Trump, despite an Electoral College vote in his favor.

As at this publication, nearly 7 million votes remain uncounted. The election may be over, but the divide among Americans is growing by the day. Resentment of Trump and VP Pence has continued. Few days ago the VP Pence was booed at the Broadway popular show “Hamilton”event

“Trump managed to secure well over the 270 electoral votes needed to clinch the presidency, but Clinton appears to have soundly won the popular vote by an ever-expanding margin. She received about 63,600,000 votes to the president-elect’s 61,900,000, according to the Cook Political Report. Updated ballot counts show her receiving at least 48 percent of the national vote compared to Trump’s 46.7 percent”


Controversy is growing over Trump’s cabinet appointments and there are conflict of interest allegations involving Trump’s business interest in over 25 countries. Recently Trump met with Japanese Prime Minister and Trump’s children were present at the meeting. Trump said his children would be running his business interest, supposedly in a “Blind Trust” experts argue that his daughter who would be managing his businesses should not be present in the President elect’s state meetings. They believe it is a clear case of conflict of interest.

Some of the men Trump has appointed are seen as racists

President-elect Trump has tapped controversial Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama  as attorney general. Sessions was voted down by Republican and Democratic senators when he was appointed by Ronald Reagan administration for his racist views. Here are more appointments made by Trump, yet to be confirmed. White House Security Adviser position does not need senate’s confirmation.

Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

Trump has chosen Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo for the job.

White House National Security Adviser

Trump has picked Retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn for national security adviser.

Secretary of State

Mitt Romney, a longtime Trump critic who recently met with the president-elect, is a candidate for the job. Source

Compiled by Okechukwu Paul Oranika



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