China one child policy ends with celebration

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China one child policy ends

China one child policy has been a very controversial issue since 1979 when it was introduced. China one child policy means that Chinese citizens are allowed to have only on child or risk a huge fine. There is only one exception. Chinese citizens in the Chinese villages are allowed to have two children only if the first child is a girl.

The result of this rule was a record number of abortions that ravaged the country since the inception of this policy. At some point the Chinese citizens started getting tired of this rule. For example a family in the rural areas with two girls cannot attempt to get more children. A family in the urban areas can only have one child irrespective of the sex. There was increasing agitation but China is controlled by a strong communist ruler.

The second implication was an exodus of Chinese citizens traveling abroad where the rules are relaxed to have more children. All Children born to Chinese families abroad are considered foreign nationals. The family have a legal right to bring these children back to China as visitors. Most families succeed in having more than one child using this lapse in the Chinese legal system. The catch is that those children born outside China will neither partake in the family inheritance nor receive child care benefits from Chinese government.

china one child policy ends

According to the Associated Press, Chinese population trend started to explode from 1950s. Here is a summary of the key events of the Chinese one child policy:

  • 1950: China’s population exceeds 500 million.
  • 1953: Chinese leaders suggested that the population should be controlled and approved a law on contraception and abortion, but the plan is stranded by political upheaval and the 1959-1961 famine.
  • 1970: China’s population exceeds 800 million. With the fertility rate at 5.5, the country implements policy to encourage people to marry later and wait longer between children.
  • 1975: China adopts the slogan “Later, Longer and Fewer” and urges urban couples to have no more than two children and rural couples no more than three.
  • 1979: The country’s fertility rate has dropped to 2.7 from 5.5 in 1970.
  • 1980: China implements one-child policy.
  • 1984: A change in the policy allows a second child for many families in rural areas.
  • 2000: Demographers join forces to advocate for relaxing the birth policy.
  • 2001: New laws allow local governments to impose fines for additional children.
  • 2004: Demographers file petition to the government saying the one-child policy was unnecessary.
  • 2013: An exemption allows two children if one parent came from a household without other siblings.
  • 2015: China’s Communist Party says all couples will be allowed to have two children, but doesn’t give a time frame.

The Chinese one child policy took a toll one the gender balance because most families favoured having a male child leading to an uncontrollable female infanticide. Now that this restriction has been lifted, will they be playing catch up? Can other countries learn from this? Your guess is as good as ours.



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