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CDC Warns that New Deaths From Coronavirus will Soar in US

As more states in the US open up their economies, none of the states have met the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for states before they can open up their economies.

According to the Federal Emergency Management model, 134,000 more Americans may contract Coronavirus and 68,000 more Americans may die by early August 2020.

The CDC guidelines require a“downward trajectory of new cases of the virus over a 14-day period” before any state may open back their economies.

The CDC and other medical scientists are very concerned with the current trend by States rushing to open-up their economies without meeting the CDC Opening guidelines.

More than 68,000 American lives have already been lost to Coronavirus disease to date. There is some misplaced optimism as the Summer warm temperatures break out but Medical Scientists warn that even with the help from mother nature, Summer heat alone may slow new infections but cannot stop Coronavirus.

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