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Beach Photos for your eyes only
Extreme Women’s Beach Photos–...

Extreme Women’s Beach Photos–Check out these Photos

These photos were captured at several beaches. Its a new world, we may be heading to the old days clothes were not in vogue! Africa Business World: We make it short and Concise and to the point to save you time. ABW will bring more to you as more information becomes available. Africa Business... read more »

strange weddibg dress
Want to see these Weird Wedding Photos- ...

Want to see these Weird Wedding Photos- The Choice is Yours!

“When it comes to your wedding day, everyone wants this day to be special and one that they will remember forever.” But in an attempt to achieve such wedding memories, some newly wed brides go way too far to reveal stuff to the public view. These photos were recently recorded after... read more »

African Cultural Rennaisance-Africa Business World
See Latest African Fashion Photos for Me...

See Latest African Fashion Photos for Men and Women

African Cultural wears are in Vogue. Africans are reclaiming their cultural identity and many are expressing such identity through traditional African clothing. Africa Business World has assembled latest selections for Ladies and Men’s fashions in vogue. African head ties are in from Nigeria,... read more »

Tosin Araromi Miss Nigeria USA Africa Business World
Miss Tosin Araromi Miss Nigeria USA at t...

Miss Tosin Araromi Miss Nigeria USA at the Independence Day Rally in New Yo...

Thanks to Miss Nigeria USA for Sending Africa Business World these Photos! On Saturday October 24, Manhattan, NY was covered in green as Nigerians from all over the world paraded the streets with the nation’s flag in celebration of 55 years... read more »

beyonce and blue Ivy
Beyoncé has spent over $30 Million dolla...

Beyoncé has spent over $30 Million dollars in vacation alone for 2015 .

  You may wonder how a vacation would cost this much for a family of three. Fame not only comes with a  big price but at the same time also comes with a lot of responsibility.While a regular person can shop around for vacation discounts for example in the South eastern Nigeria, Beyoncé and... read more »

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Loneliness in china

Fear and loneliness in China

China has developed at unimaginable pace, lifting millions out of poverty. But as part of a series of viewpoints on challenges for China’s new leadership, Gerard Lemos, who conducted... read more »


Three Inexpensive Theme Park Travel Destinations in US

Do you there are some inexpensive travel destinations in the United States which are by far less expensive that Disney World. Here are three Theme Park destinations for your consideration... read more »


The private jets of luxury airline Amiri in Qatar are top secret

IT’S the airline you can’t fly on. Unless you’re royalty, or a government official in Qatar, that is. Sarah Steegar, a flight attendant with a major US carrier for the past 15... read more »


Tom and Gisele Have a “Perfect Sunday” in Boston

A little snow didn’t stop Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady from enjoying Boston with a large group of friends on Sunday. The couple bundled up against the elements, with Gisele... read more »


Aussie experts reveal their travel tips

WE ASKED four Australian travel and tourism heavyweights to cast their minds towards 2013. What challenges are facing the cruising, hotel and airline industries? Is our service up to scratch? What... read more »

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