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Marry at Least Two Wives or Face Impriso...

Marry at Least Two Wives or Face Imprisonment–Eritrean Government

Eritrean wedding the groom has to marry one more wife or he will be imprisoned According to news reports published by Kenyan website, the Eritrean Government has ordered men in Eritrea to marry at least two wives or they may face jail and imprisonment. below is the story from Hot in Juba... read more »

Niger Delta attacks Africa Business World
Attacks on oil Infrastructure Costs Nige...

Attacks on oil Infrastructure Costs Nigeria $2.4M a day–The Salt Lake...

Lagos, Nigeria • Multiple attacks on strategic oil and gas installations is costing Nigeria $2.4 million daily, a Cabinet minister said Tuesday as the military launched a manhunt for a militant and warned it will hold community leaders responsible for the “economic sabotage.” The... read more »

naira US dollar
Naira Records All Time Low at the Black ...

Naira Records All Time Low at the Black Market

  The naira fell against the United States dollar from 243 to 247 at the parallel market on Thursday, a day after the Central Bank of Nigeria banned over 1,600 Bureau De Change operators from participating in its twice-weekly sale of foreign currencies. The naira had hovered between 241 and... read more »

beyonce and blue Ivy
Beyoncé has spent over $30 Million dolla...

Beyoncé has spent over $30 Million dollars in vacation alone for 2015 .

  You may wonder how a vacation would cost this much for a family of three. Fame not only comes with a  big price but at the same time also comes with a lot of responsibility.While a regular person can shop around for vacation discounts for example in the South eastern Nigeria, Beyoncé and... read more »

Loneliness in china
Fear and loneliness in China

Fear and loneliness in China

China has developed at unimaginable pace, lifting millions out of poverty. But as part of a series of viewpoints on challenges for China’s new leadership, Gerard Lemos, who conducted research in the mega-city of Chongqing, says it is easy to overlook its lonely underbelly. An old man was... read more »

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Best Online Businesses for Women

In the past, stay at home moms have no opportunities to work from their homes and at the same time engage in the most important job anyone can do-raising their children. But times have... read more »

Americans renounce africabusinessworld

Record numbers of Americans renounced their citizenship in 2014 Why?

For the most part most immigrants in the world want to immigrate to the United States. It is therefore surprising that new U.S. Treasury Department data shows that more Americans and... read more »

Africa Open for Business

New Partnership Unveils Sophisticated Africa Global News and Directory Platform

For Immediate Release Atlanta GA August 3, 2015 New Partnership Unveils Africa Global News and Directory Platform Africa Business World has launched a state of the art News and Directory... read more »


Make Money Online working from home

Times have changed and in today’s global economy individuals can work from their homes and are able to make money online through the use and adaptation of new methods and technologies. It... read more »


Brazilian President signs new law to limit layoffs

The Brazilian President Rousseff signed a law on Monday, authorizing  “ a temporary measure allowing reductions in working hours and salaries in order to avoid layoffs. –  The new law was... read more »

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