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Biafra May 30th Rallies
May 30th Biafra 50th Anniversary: Lesso...

May 30th Biafra 50th Anniversary: Lessons for Nigeria and the World-See Vi...

May 30th, 2017 is a day to be recorded in Biafran history as a day the people of Biafra showed the world that although they were forcefully reunited with Nigeria in 1970 following the end of the Nigeria/Biafra war, their minds, hearts and souls still resides in Biafra. The Biafra movement led by... read more »

Igbo Masqurade
For Immediate Release-Igbo Diaspora Cult...

For Immediate Release-Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival 2017

Igbo Kwenu! Igbo Kwenu! Igbo Kwezuenu! We, the sons and daughters, inheritors of the great Igbo World Civilization bound together by common ancestry and Igbo heritage customs and traditions have united with common purpose, goal and resolve to do whatever that is necessary to keep our great Igbo... read more »

igbo landing 5
The Captivating Story of “Igbo Lan...

The Captivating Story of “Igbo Landing” in St. Simons Islands G...

The quest for Biafra independence has a historical significance for many people in the Eastern part of Nigeria and for the Igbos in particular. The Igbo republicanism and quest for freedom has historical origins dating back to the era of slave trade and colonialism. In Aba in the 50s Igbo women... read more »

Grow Your Business — 10 Ways to Pr...

Grow Your Business — 10 Ways to Profit Through Social Media

 Social media, when used correctly, can be a great asset to your organization. Whether your organization is commercial or non-profit, legacy or start-up, the ability to directly connect your organization with supporters can build loyalty and a stronger customer relationship than... read more »

Igbo Language Preservation Festival 2
Igbo Language is on the way Back- Dont M...

Igbo Language is on the way Back- Dont Miss this Incredible story! Photos!

UNESCO: Igbo Language Will be Extinct by 2025–Mbanu ! Igbo si Mba! Many of us already heard the bad news, a prediction by United Nations Agency, that Igbo language would be extinct by 2025. What are we Igbos going to do about it? Are we going to fold our hands and watch this prediction come... read more »

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Heart Attacks-Africa Business World

Important Health Information-Heart attacks and Water !

HEART ATTACKS AND WATER ! How many folks do you know who say they don’t want to drink anything before going to bed because they’ll have to get up during the night. Heart Attack... read more »

Igbo Council of Traditional- Africa- Business- World

Igbos In Diaspora Launch Igbo Language Preservation & Cultural Fest 2016

ICOTTH-USA) in Collaboration with Africa Business World                                                                                        ... read more »

Crude Oil Africa Business World

Oil prices hit lowest since 2004 as supply balloons

Brent crude prices hit their lowest in over 11 years on Monday, hounded by a relentless rise in global supply that looks set to outpace demand again next year. Oil production is running... read more »

African Cultural Rennaisance-Africa Business World

See Latest African Fashion Photos for Men and Women

African Cultural wears are in Vogue. Africans are reclaiming their cultural identity and many are expressing such identity through traditional African clothing. Africa Business World has... read more »

House of Parliament Africa-Business-World

Biafran Independence Receives a Big Boost-UK Parliament Proposes ...

The push for Biafra has received a huge international boost, as two members of UK Parliament have supported and signed a Referendum Bill for Republic of Biafra. The sponsors were Elliott, Tom... read more »

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