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Can an Engagement Ring be reused?


Shopping for Engagement Ring can be a nightmare especially if you are a fashion geek or may be belong to a celebrity class where ideas of common men do not matter anymore.

An engagement Engagement Ring ring has been part of western culture even before the era of slave trade. An engagement ring is used to publicly declare that the person wearing it is engaged to be married by someone else. Women use it to protect themselves from other male suitors who may be interested in asking for their hand in marriage. This use to be a western tradition but has suddenly become a worldwide phenomenon.c


In the past Engagement rings were won by women, but in the current changing times where women marry women or men marry men, it doesn’t really matter anymore who wears the ring.

Engagement rings can be expensive depending on the material it is made off. Some engagement rings are made of diamond and a touch of stone, others are made with silver, gold and /or a mix of other precious metals.

In this era of big buzz about climate change and recycling of materials to protect the environment, there is a growing question about engagement rings.

 Someone recently got engaged and gave his spouse a nice engagement ring. After a few months, they broke up and the engagement ring was returned to him. Should he re-engage another woman with the same ring or should he buy a separate ring for the new engagement party.


People have argued that there are emotional attachment to engagement rings because it symbolizes love and destiny bestowed on someone, transferring the ring to another persons can as they said bring some bad omen. Do you believe that? Others with no emotional attachment to a “piece of metal” as they described it, strongly believe that an engagement ring can be reused without any implications.


If you are a man (or a man in a same sex marriage) in this scenario can you re-use your old ring for another woman? Alternatively, as a woman newly engaged in a relationship, if you discover that your engagement ring has been used before to engage another woman, how would you feel?


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