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Bullish on Biafra by Colly Ezebuihe

Biafra is the spearhead for our future. Once we have that Biafra, in as little as 6 years, it will be the #1 Economy in Africa –with overkill of Cargo Flights and Port activities, Infrastructure constructions, bureaucrats/Consultants hardly keeping up with their obdurate clients, Chemical/Engineering Concerns spewing out products, Farmers and Ranchers drumming up huge business and enjoying government price support, etc. It will happen.

In 15 years, it will rival or again overtake South Korea (makers of Kia, Samsung, Hyundai, etc). In 20 years, we will rival the Europeans and be eligible to join the G-8 or G-whatever, and compel the world to respect Africa. Indeed, Biafra is carrying the burden of Africa. Time is of the essence to make changes and advances.

I am that bullish on Biafra…because…in addition to our demonstrated intestinal fortitude to excel, we also have our offsprings stationed around the world and they are fast becoming captains of industries in America, Europe, China, etc, and would likely make Biafra part of their manufacturing hub –just like the Overseas Chinese did for China; and China went from having only about 3 Billion Dollars reserve around 1992 to now commanding Trillions of Dollars and challenging America to be the top Economy.

Again, I am unfazed about our current situation in Nigeria, while bullish on Biafra. If you don’t believe me, just visit the top universities and Research Concerns around the world: the African names yo will be seeing the most will be such as Eze this, Obi that, Chi this, Igwe that, Uche this, Okoro this, Okoye that, etc. And, if you go to Wall Street, same story.

We just want the autonomy to make overall progress, while extending a hand of fellowship to all.



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