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Breaking News-Trump Takes Steps to Punish China for Spreading Coronavirus around the World

Chinese President Xi Jinping

The United States President Donald Trump is planning to punish China for allowing Coronavirus to spread across the World. Trump “suggested the virus had originated in a lab in China and even said there was a chance the government there had let it spread.”

The US stock Futures is already bracing for what is to come, the stock futures index took a dive downwards indicating what will happen on Monday when the market opens. There is significant amount of anger against China from across the world many governments are preparing their multi-billion/trillion law suites against China. This will be messy indeed and we have not yet seen the bottom of the volatility in the stock markets around the world.

Among some options, the Trump Administration is working on now is an imposition of new heavy Tariffs on Chinese goods, and also looking at another option of simply canceling some Chinese debts. James Carafano, the vice president of Heritage Foundation said there is so much anger against China, and the anger is bipartisan in nature No decision has been made regarding the options Trump may impose.

The anger against China is real around the world such anger is growing from every country as the world comes to grip with the consequences of the global spread of Coronavirus from the Chinese lab-the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan China.

When asked about the latest US Intelligence community reports indicating culpability of the Chinese government, the President said he has a very high degree of confidence indicating the origin of Coronavirus. When reporters asked him what gave him such a level of confidence the president said he is not allowed to tell them right now.

Trump also said there is the possibility that the Chinese actions might have allowed the virus to spread. The president added, that China may have been unable to contain Coronavirus in the lab or they may have deliberately allowed it to spread.

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