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Breaking News-Coronavirus Vaccine May Be Available this September

Africa Business World has learned that the race towards producing effective Coronavirus vaccine is progressing at breakneck pace across the world. Our investigation confirms that currently there are over 100 Coronavirus Vaccines being worked on at this stage across the world.

Nonetheless, Scientists working on these vaccines warn that the overwhelming majority of these vaccines in motion now would fail. After over 30 years of working on HIV-Aids vaccines no effective vaccine has yet been produced because the process of producing a vaccine that works takes a very long time.

Ther is added urgency in producing a coronavirus disease that works because the disease is killing people at a great rate being an airborne disease. Here in the US a Massachusetts biotech company called Moderna has announced that their coronavirus vaccine has progressed to the second round of trials. Vaccines production in the United States must progress through 3 phases of trials before they may receive final approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

At Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Scientists say their own vaccine could be available this September and in the UK scientists working on their Coronavirus vaccine at the University of Oxford say that their own vaccine may be available this summer as well.

Moderna said they may start their final third and final state of their trials in early summer. The company has partnered with “Lonza Ltd., a biotechnology firm based in Basel, Switzerland, to produce up to 1 billion doses of the potential vaccine each year.” The third and final stage of the clinical trials is designed to show that the vaccine will work with people in different populations.

A statement from Stéphane Bancel, Moderna’s chief executive explains that Moderna’s partnership with Lonza should facilitate the process to produce and distribute their Coronavirus vaccine called mRNA-1273 if it success in the 3rd and final phase of their trials.


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