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Breaking News-China Expels US Navy Destroyer from the South China Sea

China has expelled a US Navy Destroyer ship out of the South China Sea. This is an unnecessary provocation by China’s military analysts think. Many in the international community contend that the South China sea is part of the International waters and that China has no exclusive rights to claim it as part of their Territorial waters.

“The South China Sea is bordered by Brunei, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines. Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam”

Some of the countries in the region like India also support the US position that the South China Sea is part of the International waters and should be free to ships from all countries to navigate.

Lately, China has asserted authority over the South China Sea, tensions have risen “between Malaysia and China over oil drawing US, Chinese and Australian warships” in the south China Sea

China said the US should go home and focus on its current healthcare crisis referring to the Coronavirus Pandemic, which for all intents and purposes originated from China

In a provocative statement quoted by the New York Post article, The Chinese People’s Liberation Army said “the Navy vessel had been expelled from the oil-rich stretch of water after entering Chinese waters and called on the US to instead focus on its “national epidemic situation.”

The United States has not reacted over the Chinese action. The US is currently investigating the possibility that China may have allowed the Coronavirus to spread when China told the world that the virus originated from a bat at the seafood market in Wuhan China. Many countries in the world tend to doubt China’s explanation of the origins of Coronavirus.

Written by Okechukwu Paul Oranika

Editor in Chief Africa Business World




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