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Bloody Riots in Lagos- Hausa/Fulani Vs Yoruba-See Video

Africa Business World has received reports that a bloody fight has erupted between the Hausa/Fulani and Yorubas in Orile Lagos State. According to the report, “Fulani/Hausa is still under attack at Orile community in Lagos State. A whole community was razed down by Hausa/Fulani and a Yoruba man burnt alive. This is following the bloody riot that happened in Ikorodu Lagos yesterday”.

According to a source who claimed the Fulani/Hausa men were accompanied by police men. That the law enforcement agents stood by and watched them burn houses and destroy properties, the reporter said so far, he saw one burnt body believed to be a Yoruba lynched by the Hausa/Fulani as they invaded Orile Community in Lagos.The reporter stated that the Yorubas were seen in groups chanting, “We don’t want 1 Nigeria again, everybody should go their separate ways.

Following repeated attacks on Yoruba communities in Lagos by Hausa-Fulani Mob, Yoruba youths have demanded for the immediate dissolution of Nigeria and the creation of Oduduwa Republic Bloody clashes in the Mile 12, Ketu area of Lagos State on Thursday left no fewer than 10 persons dead and about 100 others injured. Among the dead were two schoolchildren, traders, artisans and residents. A two-year-old boy, Andrew Daniel, was abducted by some hoodlums and taken away after his father, Igba, was attacked with machetes and left for the dead.
The PUNCH, which witnessed part of the clashes as it unfolded, counted no fewer than 40 vehicles that were either burnt or vandalised in the Agiliti area of Ketu. Two churches and over 20 houses were equally set ablaze and hundreds of residents rendered homeless in Maidan community as a result of the violence which was said to have broken out after a disagreement between some Yoruba and Hausa in the area. Motorcycles, sewing machines and other working tools were also destroyed while some shops were looted andCorpses of slain residents, who were either burnt or beheaded, littered the roads as of 5pm when one of our correspondents left the battle areas. Despite the heavy presence of security personnel, the hoodlums, mostly Hausa, who wielded bows, arrows, cutlasses, charms and stones, refused to vacate the roads. They also attacked the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, who tried to calm them down before leaving the community around 1pm.
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