Biafrans Protest In front of President Obama’s Residence at the US White House

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Biafra Protest at the White House

Breaking News- Africa Business World has received reports that there is a huge Biafran rally currently going on in front of the US White House in Washington DC. The rally was described as a protest against the killings of Biafrans by the Buhari led government of Nigeria. The protesters are also calling for the released of what they described as political prisoner Nnamdi Kanu. The protesters also want an Independent Republic of Biafra which they said was re- annexed back to Nigeria in 1970. Yesterday the EU released a statement in support of the Biafran Referendum, and called on the Nigerian government to respect Human Rights of Nigerian citizens which includes peaceful rallies and demonstrations. The EU stated that while it has strong ties with Nigeria, the issue of Human Rights comes first as a priority.


See a clip of the Washington DC White House Rally video posted on Facebook through the video link below


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