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Biafra@51—IPOB Call for Referendum, “Sit-At-Home” Heroes Day

 C. K. Ekeke
Biafra@51—IPOB Call for Referendum, “Sit-At-Home” Heroes Day and Awka Summit of Stupidity—Written by C. K. Ekeke
As the quest and agitation for the restoration of Biafra rage on, the leadership of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and deputized by Mr. Uche Mefor have issued another “Sit-At-Home” on May 30th, 2018 by all Biafrans in Nigeria and around the world to mark the 51st anniversary of the declaration of the Independence State of Biafra and especially to memorialize and honor the lives of Biafran soldiers, men, women and children who were brutally massacred during the three year civil war that ended in 1970
To continue such historic honor that was introduced in 2014 by Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB leadership has called for a “Sit-At-Home,” which is a form of protest that’ll be observed on May 30th to honor and memorialize the millions of Biafran people – especially women and children who perished due to hunger and famine during the three-year genocidal war unleashed upon the young Republic by the Nigerian State led by Major General Yakubu Gowon and her colonial master Britain as well as other countries including the former Soviet Union and Egypt.
The IPOB leadership is requesting that all businesses, markets, shops, offices, schools, etc., be shut down in Igboland on May 30th.  The “Sit-At-Home” is designed to encourage all Biafrans to pause on that day to pray, reflect and meditate on the lives of their fallen heroes and heroines who died fighting to defend their people and land against Nigeria’s war of aggression.  They are to pay tribute, recognize and honor those who gave their lives to defend them against Nigeria’s pogrom and genocidal war of annihilation within Nigeria.
For 47 years after the Nigeria-Biafra civil war ended, it  did not occur to any Igbo man, woman, group or groups as well political leaders to set aside such a day for us to collectively memorialize and honor our heroes and heroines who died fighting for our freedom until Nnamdi Kanu through IPOB established it four years ago.  I highly commend him for such vision and courage. 
During the first two years of Biafra Heroes and Heroines Day rally, Biafran youths were moaned down in several parts of Biafra land including the massacre at Nkpor, Asaba, Onitsha, Aba, and so on.  In 2017, IPOB changed tactics and ordered for a ‘Sit-At-Home,” which was a stunning success. 
The former Eastern Region was completely shut down, both the region and entire Nigeria felt the economic impact.  This year, IPOB rather than send the Youths to the streets for a rally, ordered for another “Sit-At-Home.”
Although, Nnamdi Kanu has not been seen or heard publicly since the Nigeria military forces invaded his father’s royal palace in Isiama Afara Ukwu Ibeku in Umuhia on September, 14, 2017, Biafra Heroes Day will be observed again this year. 
By the way, the invasion of his Father’s royal palace remains one of the worst atrocities and disrespect of Ndigbo by the Nigerian State and her ruthless rulers.  It is a tragedy and in fact a collective insult on Ndigbo that a royal palace was invaded on the pretense of Python Dance II and everything in the palace were either killed or kidnapped. 
Since then, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has not been seen or heard of, which is quite strange.  If Kanu disappeared, he must have spoken from his hideout.  This is why the speculation is that either the murderous Nigeria military may have killed him or kidnapped him again.  Also the whereabouts of his parents – His Royal Highness, Eze Israel and his lovely wife, Ugoeze Nnenne Kanu have not been seen or heard of.  For this reason, it is believed that they are all in the hands of the Nigerian military forces.
If this barbaric invasion and massacre of Biafran youths had occurred anywhere in the north, it will been a call for war. 
To me, the IPOB leadership and her members have managed this whole provocation and saga very well till date.
In spite of all the mayhem – invasion, killings, proscription, and tagging IPOB as a terrorist organization, which is ludicrous, Biafra Heroes Day is reverberating throughout Bifara land and around the world.  Biafrans all over the globe are called to observe a day of silence on May 30, 2018 in honor of their fallen heroes, heroines and family members who were mercilessly massacred and continued to be killed today. 
Additionally, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB leadership have also called for self-determination through a referendum. The call for referendum and right for self-determination was enacted by the United Nations and passed by General Assembly Resolution on September 2007 with overwhelming majority of nations including Nigeria, recognizing and supporting the rights of ethnic and indigenous populations to self-determination.  

“Self-determination” is the principle and practice whereby a nation, for example, an ethnic population control its own people, its own land, its own resources, and its own governance, independent of any other subtending political structure.”
Nigeria is a member of United Nations Body and signatory to self-determination resolution.  
Even though referendum, which is the means to self-determination is not in the 1999 constitution like the earlier versions; however, constitutional freedoms of speech and expression as enshrined in the Nigerian law, do not forbid anyone from canvassing peaceful self-government which in any event is legally permissible under diverse international humanitarian laws including the Covenant on Civil and political Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human rights (UDHR) which Nigeria as a United Nations member signed on to.

According to Wikipedia, “Referendum” is a direct vote in which an entire electorate or plebiscite is invited to vote on a particular proposal.”
Referendum has been used to decide many issues that border on public vote – such as amending the constitution, voting on special laws or policies that impact heavily on the citizens and masses. 
But in this case, IPOB is actually calling for Independence referendum. An independence referendum is a type of referendum in which the citizens of a territory or group of a region decide whether the territory or region should become an independent sovereign state. 

The United Nations plays an important role on the issue of independence referendum. 

For instance, they played an important role in maintaining peace and order in Jammu and Kashmir soon after the independence of India and Pakistan in 1947, when a dispute erupted between the two States on the question of Jammu and Kashmir. India took this matter to the UN Security Council, which passed resolution 39 (1948) and established the United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan (UNCIP) to investigate the issues and mediate between the two countries. Following the cease-fire of hostilities, it also established the United Nations Military Observer Group for India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) to monitor the cease-fire line.

Other examples are: Quebec referendum of 1980 and 1995.  The 1980 Quebec independence referendum was the first referendum in Quebec on the place of Quebec within Canada and whether Quebec should pursue a path toward sovereignty. The referendum was called by Quebec’s Parti Québécois (PQ) government, which advocated secession from Canada.

The 1995 Quebec independence referendum was the second referendum to ask voters in the Canadian French-speaking province of Quebec whether Quebec should proclaim national sovereignty and become an independent country, with the condition precedent of offering a political and economic agreement to Canada. Both referendum did not receive maximum vote.

Others are the 2011 South Sudan referendum.  referendum took place in Southern Sudan from 9 to 15 January 2011, on whether the region should remain a part of Sudan or become independent. Thereferendum was one of the consequences of the 2005 Naivasha Agreement between the Khartoum central government and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army/Movement (SPLA/M).

On Jan 30, 2011, some 99% of South Sudanese voted to secede from the north, according to the first complete results of the region’s independence referendum. Early counting put the outcome of the ballot beyond doubt, indicating Southern Sudan had secured a mandate to become the world’s newest nation.

And of recent, we have read the Scottish independence referendum.  A referendum on Scottish independence from the United Kingdom took place on Thursday 18 September 2014. The referendum question, which voters answered with “Yes” or “No”, was “Should Scotland be an independent country?” The “No” side won, with 2,001,926 (55.3%) voting against independence and 1,617,989 (44.7%) voting in favor. The turnout of 84.6% was the highest recorded for an election or referendum in the United Kingdom since the introduction of universal suffrage. 

(Notes on referendum:  Wikipedia referenced).
The call for an independence referendum is a genuine international means of settling internal conflict in a federation.  IPOB call for referendum is proper and fulfills the requirements of the United Nations Charter on self-determination.  IPOB is seeking a just cause for millions of Biafrans who are suffocating in the Nigeria State – politically and economically and therefore desperately desire to be freed from such satanic oppression and slavery. 
The “Sit-At-Home” Biafra Heroes Day is a worthy cause and commendable.  It is another method of protest to avoid being massacred by the illiterate and irrational Nigerian police forces should Biafrans engage in any public activity such as rally on the streets to honor their fallen heroines and heroines.
In the last couple of years, hundreds of Biafran youths were mercilessly massacred during the same event at Onitsha, Aba¸ Nkpor, Asaba and Igweocha in Biafra land by the irrational Nigerian military forces.

So, it is a just and moral cause that all true Biafrans honor their fallen heroes.  They were brave men who willingly and voluntarily gave their lives so that Biafra may be and live. They deserve our highest respect and honor. 

Biafrans or non Biafrans who oppose such rectitude are ungrateful and not worthy to live.  They are a disgrace to Biafra and may the Spirits of our fallen heroes and heroines may be upon such ingrates and selfish people.    
It’s morally right that all Biafran people pause and pray for their fallen heroes and heroines on May 30th 2018.  We must memorialize and honor them for their bravery and courage.  We must cherish and honor the memories of those who served and paid the ultimate price that we may live. They epitomized the spirit of selflessness, valor, and service in their dedication and willingness to give their lives in the hope that others may live in freedom.
Yet, despite their ultimate sacrifice, most of us continue to live in slavery, bondage and captivity.  Today, the land and people they fought for to protect want to forget them and will rather prefer to continue to live in their Egypt. Tufiakwa!

Personally, I remain eternally grateful for the ultimate sacrifice they made by willing and voluntarily giving their lives that I may live. Their commitment to service and love of Biafra will never be forgotten.  For me, the late General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu remains the greatest Igbo leader and Biafra hero of all time.  He is our Moses not Obasanjo as Prof. Soludo once opined. Some idiot clergyman even called Buhari Nigeria’s messiah. We have seen the work of our so-called messiah who’s sending thousands of young people and innocent citizens to their early grave.

Biafra Heroes and Heroines Day is quite commendable and a worthy thing and I personally thank Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB leadership for such vision and courage.
The reason for the institution of Biafra Heroes Day by IPOB few years ago was due to the fact that the Nigerian State honors the federal troop that fought to keep Nigeria one but do not honor the Biafra soldiers who fought to defend Biafrans especially civilians, children and women who were being massacred like chickens all over Nigeria.   
Yet, some talk about unity.  Where is the unity? One-Nigeria does not exist and will never exist.  Nigeria will never one.  It is time so-called Nigerians stop deceiving themselves and be honest with their true identity. Water and oil cannot mix.  Nigeria is a false entity with a faulty foundation from the beginning.  The earlier the rulers and political class muster the courage to give the indigenous populations a date of referendum, the better for Nigeria.  Nigeria need a referendum not restructuring.

I have a firm belief that one of the reasons Nigeria has not moved forward as a nation is due to systemic and satanic injustices being meted against Igbos and all Biafran people and dishonor upon other indigenous peoples that make up the contraption created by the British Empire for their selfish and self-seeking political and economic control of Africa.

Regarding the Awka Summit organized by the leader of Ohaneze – Chief Nnia Nwodo for restructuring of Nigeria on May 21, 2018; it seems to me the restructuring summit is such a stupid event. 
I have read some of the declarations and positions taken at the summit and could not believe that the so-called Igbo intellectuals, elites and political leaders will utter such nonsensical statements and demands. 
In fact, they know quite well that Hausa-Fulani Sotoko Caliphate will be laughing at them for several reasons:
First, the leader of Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), Dr. Paul Unongo, last year told Nigerians that Nigeria does not need restructuring.
Second, Alhaji Lawal Kaita, former governor of Old Kaduna State says Nigeria does not need restructuring, saying that Yoruba, Igbo have no reason to complain of marginalization.
Third, the Northern Elders Forum (NEF) and Arewa Youths disowned Professor Ango Abdullahi over call for breakup of Nigeria and on his position that Nigerians should “go our separate ways.”
Forth, the national president of the AYCF, Comrade Shettimma Yerima, said that there’s nothing wrong with Nigeria. 
Fifth, the Sultana of Sokoto and other Northern Emirs have unanimously spoken that there’s nothing wrong with Nigeria but its leadership.
Sixth, President Buhari said in 2015 that the report of the national conference organized by ex-president Goodluck Jonathan belonged to dust-bin. 
Off-course, all these statements and positions taken by the North and their leaders are not only silly, but senseless and idiotic. These people have failed to understand that Nigeria has no future without a radical restructuring.  In fact, personally, I think Nigeria is irredeemable and beyond restructure and repair.  The best and ultimate solution is to divide Nigeria into at least three nations.
As I have written several times, the amalgamation of variant groups of more than 400 ethnic groups to form Nigeria in 1914 remains one of the monumental atrocities of the British Empire and they know it.
And so, Chief Nwodo and his fellow Igbo efulefus are either selfish or stupid.  It is the height of foolishness and stupidity to organize a summit on restructuring of Nigeria when the North has communicated clearly that Nigeria does not need any restructuring.  Instead of Nnia Nwodo to listen to Igbo Youths and most of Biafran people, he continues to parade himself as if he has the divine mandate to continue to enslave Biafran people and put them in perpetual bondage in Nigeria.
By the way, where do you even begin to restructure Nigeria?  Nigeria is a complete “shithole” country, a lawless, corrupt and failed experiment of the colonial masters.  Instead of Great Britain to swallow their pride and divide the hell they created, they want us to continue to remain in this hellish society.  They do not care for the lives of Black people anyways.  After all, they are animals and do not deserve to enjoy life, liberty, progress and pursuit of happiness. 
Chief Nwodo and his fellow Igbo elders and politicians are very selfish, myopic, envious, greedy, corrupt and cowards.  They better wake-up, repent and apologize for their selfishness and stupidity before it is too late. It’s not too late for him and other Igbo efulefus to align their thinking and activities with IPOB and other genuine Biafran groups and individuals doing all they can to restore the sovereign State of Biafra.
Aren’t we tired of living in slavery, bondage and captivity in Nigeria State?  Aren’t we tired of being massacred in Nigeria?  Aren’t we tired of being denied of our God-given talents, creativity and potential? Aren’t we tired of being massacred like chicken by the marauding illiterate and Boko haram Nigerian military forces?  When are we going to unite and free the people and land from these Hausa-Fulani jihadists and murderous killers of life, purpose, and destiny?
It’s time Ndigbo and all Biafra people forge the necessary unity and tell the Nigerian State headed by a tyrant, jihadist, Sokoto Caliphate that we are ready to go our separate ways and heaven will not fall.
It’s also time Britain and international community – especially the United States of America led by President Donald J. Trump to peacefully dismantle and dismember Nigeria to avert another looming civil war, which will be quite disastrous and devastating in this dispensation not only for Nigeria and Africa but entire world.
The Biafran people want to live in freedom, liberty, justice, peace and prosperity for all. They are tired of oppression, marginalization, ethnic hatred, religious violence and killings. They are sick-and-tired of being denied of their potential, creativity and God-given life
Last year, the Hausa-Fulani sponsored president Obasanjo and VP Osinbajo to organize Abuja conference on Biafra in order to calm Biafran agitators down. This year, they sponsored Igbo elders and political cowards to counteract the demand for referendum with the Awka summit on restructuring.  But I’m afraid to say that it is late now.  The quest for restoration of Biafra is high and the Spirit of Biafra is raging. 
Since the end of civil war in 1970, the Husasa-Fulani, Yoruba oligarchy and their colonial masters have plundered the crude oil resources located in Biafra land and have continued to use all kinds of propaganda and tactics to divide, subjugate, marginalize, rob, butcher, and oppress Biafra people. The systemic injustices against Eastern region of Nigeria is simply evil and wicked. Yet, the end of war slogan: “No victor, No vanquished and national reintegration, reconciliation and reconstruction slogans echoed by a hypocrite and coward Yakubu Gowon was just words and deceit.
While serious nations are investing in their young generation — through research and development, educating, training and unleashing them to do great things, sending them into all the nooks and corners of our planet earth, below and above to discover the hidden treasures God has lavished upon mankind, Nigeria and her ruthless rulers are busy stealing public wealth and destroying the future of her young people and the unborn generation.  For me, hell is a real place because of Nigerian political rulers.
In conclusion, the conference on restructuring of Nigeria in Awka on May 21, shows the stupidity and cowardice of many Igbo rulers and their politicians. Their lack of courage is beyond belief. The political leaders we have in Igbo land today are pathetic, profligate, traitors, saboteurs, and cowards.  They are mostly politicians who are selfish and self-seeking more than the welfare of Ndigbo in general.  They are slaves of the Hausa-Fulani Sokoto Caliphate and that’s the dilemma of Ndigbo in today’s Nigeria.  I’m afraid if Ndigbo will ever be free people in Nigeria without revolution in Igboland.  Some Igbo elders, clergy, rulers, politicians, traditional and religious leaders are the ones holding Ndigbo and Biafran people in bondage in the Islamic State of Nigeria.    The quest for freedom and Biafra restoration must start at home.  Igboland must be cleansed.
We must select and appoint credible and courageous men and women to liberate Biafra people and the land from marginalization, oppression, slavery, captivity and coming islamization by Hausa-Fulani with full support of the evil British government, Saudi Arabia and support of some corrupt global powers. If not, we will all be enslaved and Islamized or be killed.

May the Almighty God of heaven give IPOB and other genuine groups and persons fighting to free the people the wisdom, strength, and all they need to restore Biafra. 
The restoration of Biafra State will be the beginning of the respect for Black people in the world.  Right now, Nigeria is the reason Black race do not have any iota of respect globally.   
May the souls of our gallant heroes and heroines continue to rest in eternal peace!
Dr. C. K. Ekeke is a theologian, author, consultant, and leadership scholar. He is the founder and president of Institute for Leadership Wisdom


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