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The republic of Biafra news  has been a growing trend around the world and has made major headlines in Nigeria in particular. Africa Business world will continue to provide news cap as we find them. The Biafran struggle seems tobe gaining momentum and has consistently attracted large support in the South Eastern Nigeria.


Here is the latest Biafra news today:

Biafra news genocide in Nigeria

Chisom Oforah Crowned Miss Igbo America 2018-2019- See over 35 Event Photos

It was a great night in Baltimore Maryland this past weekend of June 23 as people gathered in the Banquet ...
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Miss Igbo America Pageant is This Weekend in Maryland-Come One Come All

Umunnem na Umunnam  Miss Igbo America Pageant is this weekend in Maryland.Saturday June 23, 2018  I was invited to be ...
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Biafra Freedom and the Quest for Igbo Independence

Since the last nineteen years there has been a revival of the quest for the reestablishment of the defunct Republic ...
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Two Beautiful Igbo Certified Models Chosen to Organize Igbo Cutural Wear Show in LA-See Photos

Two Certified Igbo Models living in the United States have been chosen to direct the spectacular Igbo Cultural and Traditional ...
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Biafra May 30th Hero’s Day Celebrations Videos from Around The World

May 30th Biafra Day Celebrations is the largest ever in history. One cannot but make the inescapable conclusion that the ...
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Biafra@51—IPOB Call for Referendum, “Sit-At-Home” Heroes Day

 C. K. Ekeke ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Biafra@51—IPOB Call for Referendum, “Sit-At-Home” Heroes Day and Awka Summit of Stupidity—Written by C. K. Ekeke ...
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