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The republic of Biafra news  has been a growing trend around the world and has made major headlines in Nigeria in particular. Africa Business world will continue to provide news cap as we find them. The Biafran struggle seems tobe gaining momentum and has consistently attracted large support in the South Eastern Nigeria.


Here is the latest Biafra news today:

Biafra news genocide in Nigeria

US Midterm Elections

Democrats Have Huge Favorable Odds in November U.S Midterm Elections

The Democratic party has huge advantages in the US Midterm Elections coming up on Tuesday November 6, 2018. There are ...
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Ekwueme-Burial Photo 3

Ekwueme Burial: You are Evil – Bishop Attack Buhari & Nigeria Politicians-See Video

Dr. Alex Ekwume's burial story is remarkable. Nigeria could have embraced this Icon more during his life time than waiting ...
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Nigerian presidents

Why Do Nigerians Expect the Country to Move Forward?

Why Do Nigerians Expect the Country to Move Forward? Folks let me express my personal views on this intriguing million ...
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Cattle Colony 44

Cattle Colony is Private Business; It is not the Nigerian Government’s Business

According to published reports, the following 16 States have volunteered 5,000 hectares of land each devoted to Cattle Colonies Adamawa, ...
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Benue Killings

We are ready for the worse-We are prepared for war-Badu Salisu Ahmadu

RELEASE Kano, Saturday January 13, 2018 Summary of Deliberations by the Fulani Nationality Movement, (FUNAM). Summary We are Nigerians and ...
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igwe Gbuye Ofala Festival.1

HRH Igwe J.N. Gbuye Crowns Mazi Oranika as Odezuligbo 1 Na Ala Igbo -See Video

It was an incredibly humbling experience for me as Igbo Royal Fathers from Ugwuoba Enugu State including HRM Igwe J ...
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