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Arrest of Two Black Men in Philadelphia Starbucks Sparks Anger Among Black People

Philadelphia prides itself as the “City of Brotherly Love” but arrest of two blackmen in a Philadelphia Starbucks has sparked anger in the Black communities in light of the fact that the two black men did not commit any offense.

They were sitting in the Starbucks coffee shop like everyone when one Starbucks employee called the police, two police officers arrived at the scene and went to the table where the black men were seating. Soon afterwards two more officers arrived and more officers showed up at the scene and the two black men were handcuffed and arrested and taken to jail.

The two black men said they were in the coffee shop waiting for their friend to arrive when they were surrounded by police who handcuffed them and took then to jail.

“The chief executive, Kevin R. Johnson, said in an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America” that what happened to the men was “wrong,” and that he wanted to meet with them personally to apologize.”Starbucks. Many black people say they were not surprised because it is a racist situation they face day in and day out in America . The two black men were booked and they spent 9 hours in jail before they were released. The employee that called the police have been fired according to statement from Starbucks.



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