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Amazing Video-Igbo Children of Helsinki Finland-A Must See Video!

Africa Business world likes to thank Ezechinyelu Dshaikh Izuchukwu for providing us with this amazing link of how the Igbos raise the next generation of Igbo Children in the Diaspora. Since the end of the Biafra War in 1970 there has been a mass exodus of Igbos away from Nigeria to many overseas locations. It is estimated that there are over 12 million Igbos along with their children and grand children living in the Diaspora. In North America alone there are estimated 5 million Igbos conservatively speaking in USA, Canada, and Mexico. This Video you will watch was recorded by the Igbo Union of Helsinki Finland. Thanks to the great job being done by my good friend  Ike Chime  and the Igbo Communities in Helsinki.


Igbo language school Maryland Africa Business WorldIgbo language School of Maryland organized by Eziada Igbo Model Anayo Ntukogu (Anayo has volunteered to assist in the preparations for Igbo Language Festival in Baltimore in August we thank her!)

The Igbo Union of Finland is doing a tremendous job educating the Igbo Children in that country with the great support from their wives because it takes two to tangle, so we salute all their spouses for making this possible. Across much of the world, Igbo Communities are doing a great job teaching Igbo Language and culture to the next generation of Igbo Children born outside Alaigbo. The UNESCO agency of the United Nations has predicted that Igbo language is slowly but steadily growing extinct. Part of the problem is that many of us Igbos like to speak English even in all Igbo gatherings and event.


Igbo Association of Saskatchewan Africa Business WorldIgbo Children in Saskatchewan Canada

Our goal here at Africa Business World is to help set up a new movement to remind every Igbo man and woman and their children that we are part of the problem of the decline of usage of Igbo Language. This is one issue where Igbos are marginalizing themselves so we can not hold anybody else responsible for this but us. We hope all Igbo organizations and Associations will make it mandatory that from now onward, only Igbo language will be used at all their events, and activities including conferences, conventions and other events.Many Igbos are joining hands to make sure this awful UNESCO prediction is never realized.

There are Igbo language Schools springing up in many communities in the United States and Canada and many other European, Asian and even African countries such as South Africa, Cameroon, Ghana, Mali, Liberia and more. A new major international Igbo Cultural festival has been launched through the joint Partnership of Africa Business World and Igbo Council of Traditional Title Holders USA (ICOTTH USA) The festival will take place on August 5th-7th 2016, at Coppin State University in Baltimore Maryland. The major theme of the festival is revitalization of Igbo language and Culture. the festival will feature many Igbo Cultural events, including the traditional Iri Ji festival one of the most wide spread festivals celebrated across all Igbo communities in Igboland.

The festival will also feature Nollywood Igbo movies, masquerade dances, men and Women dances, Igbo language workshops, Igbo Symposium, Gala Night and Banquet, Youth activities, authentic Igbo food, palm wine, and more. And yes you guessed right this international festival would be conducted in Igbo language, but if you do not understand Igbo language don’t worry we will have English language translators at hand. Africa Business World encourages everyone to attend, not just Igbos, all Nigerians from other Nigerian ethnic groups are also invited.

Here is an extraordinary Igbo cultural presentation from the Igbo Union of Helsinki Finland Enjoy the Video !






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