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ABW Editorial on Ekweremadu saga in Germany

The below video shows the Ekweremadu humiliation in a confrontation with Biafrans which took place in Germany recently. Our concern is to avoid any thing that may stain the non violence approach which the Biafran liberation movement have adopted all along. The truth is that most Igbos support the IPOB quest for Biafra Independence. Overwhelming number of Igbos living today are below the age of 45 and even among older Igbos, many also support  Biafra Independence.

All the attempts by Buhari’s government to convince the world through Proscribing methods has failed and IPOB and Biafrans enjoy freedom from all governments all over the world. We like the non violence approach of IPOB to continue because it has done good to the organization and indeed would help the organization win freedom and independence for Biafra.

We understand the anger and frustration towards Politicians but in the final analysis  the youths of Biafra would outlast the older generations . Its a game of numbers now. The world now knows a lot more about the Biafran people today and the Genocide perpetrated against them.




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