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Aba Massacre-10 IPOB members killed, 20 wounded, 25 arrested

The killing of defenseless demonstrators seem to be escalating, as Nigerian Newspapers reported the killing of 10 IPOB members at Aba, 20 wounded and 25 arrested. The pro-Biafra demonstration was in support of Nnamdi Kanu who is still under detention in Abuja.

A report by the Nations news indicated that 10 people were killed at Aba 20 injured when security agencies opened fire. Hospital reports indicate that 30 IPOB members are being treated in different hospitals in Aba, and 25 more IPOB members have been arrested. According to an IPOB member who spoke on condition of anonymity said that IPOB members gathered at Igbo National High School for prayers to be addressed by their coordinator.

According to him while the prayers were going on police vans pulled up but could not drive into the premises because the gates were locked. The police called in the soldiers who arrived shortly and asked for the event coordinator. When they could not immediate identify the coordinator, the army began firing their guns and a stampede resulted when people tried to escape.

The Civil society organizations in Abia state under the auspices of the Abia Human Rights Agenda condemned “the killing of defenseless protesters” The Enugu police arrested 25 members of IPOB who gathered at the Naira Triangle in preparation for a protest march”


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