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2019 presidential election — a national tragedy and God’s inescapable judgment for Nigeria by C. K. Ekeke

Like Prophet Jeremiah, who warned the nation of Judah and the wicked kings that ruled her for almost 40 years as well as nine other foreign nations that oppressed Judah that unless they repent and change their ways, judgment and destruction will suddenly come to the land of Judah and to their nations! The Kings disregarded the prophet’s call for fairness, equity, justice and national repentance but instead ruled the people with iron hand.  Jeremiah lived to witness the Babylonian invasion of Judah that resulted in the total destruction of the Temple at Jerusalem and children of Israel taken into captivity and bondage to Babylon. 

Today, Nigeria and her foreign backers are our Babylon.  If we Biafrans do not heed the call to unite to fight for our freedom, we will be enslaved and Islamized in one-Nigeria. One day we will wake up to be a people under Allah.

I have hesitated to write about the 2019 presidential elections that was held on Saturday, February 23, 2019 despite the calls, text messages and emails from friends and fans who constantly solicited my opinion. I ignored until now.

I want to say that what happened on Saturday, February 23, 2019 in Nigeria is a national tragedy.  I was dumfounded at what happened all over the nation on that faithful day. 

I was also amazed to see the rush by the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Mahmood Yakubu to declare Buhari/Osibanjo the winner of the 2019 presidential election and equally gave them “Certificates of Return” without spending any time to investigate the numerous allegations of election malpractices, violence, mayhem and deaths including INEC members. 

I was even more stupefied that until now, Nigerian citizens have not risen up to demand for justice and outright cancellation of this charade and sham election.  

And then, to add salt to injury, the so-called International Election Observers gave a thump up saying that the presidential election was fair, credible and authentic, when they knew that the election was monumentally fraudulent and mockery of democracy.

In fact, this election may be the worst and bloodiest presidential election in the history of Nigeria.

This is a sad period in the history of Nigeria. Nigeria is under a full-blown democratic dictatorship backed by the global powers.  The Nigerian State is a rogue and terrorist State and must not be allowed to continue.  The Nigerian State has degenerated beyond repair.  The nation is irreparable.  Her crime against humanity must be punished.   And the solution for this crime called Nigeria is an immediate dissolution through peaceful process.  If peaceful process fails, the Indigenous Peoples that make this evil and fraudulent union must rise up and fight for their freedom because Nigeria is a crime against them and must not be allowed to continue to exist. If we let this charade and sham election stand, we will wake up one day and be a nation under Allah.

The re-election of Muhammadu Buhari is a masterful act of deceit, fraud, harassment, torture, violence, and killings of those who stood on his way.  Buhari and APC Fulani cabal have done such a wonderful work to rig their way into winning the 2019 presidential election. 

And to their shame, the International Observers from European Union, African Union and others groups authenticated the result of a sham 2019 presidential election.

Surprisingly, these Observers did not see any single violence and mayhem that were perpetrated by the very men in military uniform that were supposed to protect voters and their votes. 

The International Observers did see the snatching of ballot boxes by the APC thugs and soldiers, thugs involved in burning ballot boxes, thumb printing in Lagos, and other places, the shooting of voters by the Police, the failed card reader, altering of votes and changing of election results by some INEC officials.

These International Election Observers did not see any of these violence, shootings, deaths and mayhem perpetrated by Buhari Fulani military and APC jihadist thugs.

They did not see the massive deployment of military personal, the disfranchisement of Igbo voters, the violence and killings they perpetuated upon voters in the Eastern region who were forced go get PVC and compelled to get out to exercise their democratic franchise.  Yet, on that faithful day – Saturday, February 23, 2019, many of them were massively disfranchised, or shot at and many sustained heavy wounds. 

Some of these International Observers saw the violence and mayhem. Even few of them escaped the violence, shootings and death. Yet they had the temerity to conclude that the 2019 presidential elections were fair, credible and authentic.

How can the 2019 presidential elections be credible and fair when more than 100 people were killed in Rivers State, Bayelsa and hundreds sustained injuries in Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Imo, Abia, Ebonyi, Enugu, Anambra and Edo States? 

In Lagos, Kano and Kaduna, the Biafran people – mostly Igbos were disfranchised and were not allowed to vote unless they agreed to vote for APC.  Their businesses were shut down and some of them burnt down.   Until today, Igbo are being hunted to be killed in the North. And we say we are one-Nigeria.

In spite of all the glaring election atrocities, the so-called International Observers backed by Global Powers – those who have the nuclear weapons and bombs to kills millions and exterminate others, conclude that Nigeria’s presidential election was fair and credible despite pocket of violence in few places.  They did not condemn the shootings and killings perpetrated by the Buhari Fulani soldiers, police and other para-military personnel.  They did not condemn the INEC officers who were forced to change election results or forced to announce the loser as winner.  They did not condemn the massive altering of results.  They did not comment on the hundreds of pooling booths where violence and mayhem were perpetrated and results of those booths were not even collated.  They did not condemn the senseless killing of the beautiful mother and brilliant Biafran, Mrs. Ibisaki Amachree, who was shot dead at Bakana in Rivers State by a trigger happy Fulani soldier while she was on a national assignment with INEC because she refused to alter the result in favor of Buhari and APC.

Ibisaki, a mother of two children, holds a master’s degree in Political Science. According to her mother, her daughter was full of life, love and kindness and planning to attend law school after her assignment with INEC.  She was shot dead by an illiterate and uncircumcised Fulani soldier serving Nigeria. 

Despite all these monumental fraud and mayhem unleashed by Buhari and his Fulani brethren on unarmed citizens and Biafran people in particular, the International Observers gave a thump up to INEC and congratulates Professor Mahmood Yakubu for conducting a more credible election than the previous ones.

May God forgive these International Observers!  What a shame! These people have no honor and integrity. They are a cheat and fraudulent people.  History will judge them and most importantly, God Almighty will punish evil doers even up their fourth generation. And may it be so. Amen. 

This is not the first time elections have marred by rigging, violence and killings.  Since Nigeria returned to president democratic system of government in 1999, Nigerian elections have been marred by violence and killings.

The 2007 presidential election was rigged by both PDP, ANPP, and AC to the extent that Nigerians as well as some of the International Observers called the April 2017 elections a sham and mockery of democracy.  As soon as the INEC chairman, Professor Maurice Iwu declared the late Yar’udua/Jonathan winner of the presidential election, the opposition parties especially ANPP and AC called for an outright cancellation and a re-run asking the Senate president to form an interim national government.  Nigerians took the streets and protested massively. Mass protests and violence broke out especially in the North engineered by the major loser – Muhammadu Buhari in order to disrupt the handover ceremony on May 29th that year.  Hundreds were killed, businesses and properties worth billions were destroyed. 

However, the 2007 presidential election was not massively rigged and perpetrated with the kind of mayhem and violence and death we saw in 2019. 

So, why is it that the opposition parties are not calling for the outright cancellation of the 2019 election? Why is it that the Nigerian people themselves who watched and witnessed this charade called election have not done anything to defend their democratic franchise? Why is it that there have not been mass protests like we saw in 2007?

Why has the International Observers not called out this year’s election as a sham and mockery of democracy like they said in 2007?  Why has the International Observers not called out the massive violence and mayhem perpetrated in this 2019 presidential election?  Why did they conclude that this election is fair and credible?  Is the International Observers and Global Powers supporting democratic dictatorship and backing a tyrant and ex-military dictator Buhari in office?

Where else on this planet will this kind of atrocity occur and people not rise up to defend their vote and demand for justice.

In America and Europe, it is an immense joy for citizens to cast their votes during elections.  Vote is so precious and valued by politicians.  In fact, in some pooling booths in the Western nations – water, coffee, tea, soda and light refreshments are provided.  Citizens vote with immense joy. 

But not the case in a shithole country like Nigeria.  Voters are disfranchised and in some cases prevented from voting or massacred unless they are voting for the tyrant and terrorist in power.  Shame on those who consider themselves Nigerians and the Atikulators.  I’m amazed that they have not taken to the streets of Nigeria to protest the worst election in Nigeria’s history according to Atiku.  

The 2019 presidential election is a crime against the unarmed and innocent citizens who went out to fulfill their civic responsibility in democratic franchise but met violence, mayhem, and death. 

I have maintained that Nigeria is an anomaly – a country with the most coward citizens on the planet because of tribal and ethnic division.  Moreover, Nigerians hate each other passionately.  The Nigerian society is filled with satanic hatred, evil jealousy, enormous strife and hostility, killings and ethnic genocide.  Additionally, the Nigerian people especially the Christians are so gullible.  Religion and Christianity have destroyed the people and country.  Carl Marx was right – religion is the opium of the masses. 

About 65% of Nigerian population claim to be Christians, attend mass every Sunday and mid-week church activities and yet rituals, divination, astrology, sorcery, witchcraft, magic, and all manners of evil and satanic worship abound among the people. Greed, hatred, corruption, idolatry, jealousy and envy continue to be rampant among the people yet there are those who claim to be men and women of God who claim to hear and speak the Word of God, yet the very people that God has entrusted into their care and spiritual nourishment are dying and perishing in darkness, ignorance, hopelessness and bondage. These pastors and prophets speak from both sides of their mouth and are only interested in gathering milk, honey and wealth from the people, deceiving the gullible with their satanic tongues and false pronouncements.

If Nigeria continues the way it is going, I see a day we will wake up one morning and be a nation under Allah.  Christians are always furious when I make that statement, and are the first ones to defend against the obvious yet they are not doing anything to stop the force of evil that has already been unleashed upon them. Millions of them do care to read, study and research. 

Most Nigerians are not aware of the famous Abuja declaration and the Arab-Muslim grand satanic master plan designed to Islamize Africa – especially in the oil and mineral rich nations of Africa starting with Nigeria. In the conference, the ex-military dictator – Ibrahim Babangida (IBB) presided over that meeting and supported that satanic quest with the huge donation of $2 billion.

It was the same IBB, who dragged Nigeria to become a member of Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC). 

The late brutal military dictator, General Abacha – reinforced the membership with all kinds of Arab Muslim investments in Nigeria.

During the time of the former CBN Governor, now Emir of Kano, Mallam Sanusi introduced Islamic banking and forced ex-president Jonathan and the Finance & Coordinating Minister for Economy to adopt the so-called “Islamic non-interest banking.”

Since Buhari, another ex-military dictator and Fulani jihadist, took over, he has really moved the needle to accomplishing the total islamization of Nigeria.  In fact, Nigeria is now totally and completely under Fulani Islamic rule.

This is a man people don’t even know his real identity but he is occupying the seat of power in Nigeria.  Despite many special broadcasts made by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra about the political fraud in Aso Rock, no Nigerian and global powers care enough to investigate the identity of the man occupying Aso Rock. What a sad season in Nigeria’s political muddle. 

Additional, the global powers know Muhammadu Buhari very well.  To remind them again: Buhari is a brutal military dictator and war criminal, who killed Baifrans in their millions during the Nigeria/Biafra war 1967-1970. 

Moreover, Buhari committed treason when he carried out a coup d’état by overthrowing a democratic elected government of the late Alhaji Shehu Shagari and late Dr. Alex Ekwueme in 1983. 

During his two-year military regime from 1984 to 1985, he inflicted untold pains, hardship and torture upon the citizens. His “war against indiscipline” just like his “change mantra” today, was torturing psychologically, emotionally, mentally and otherwise.  Men and women – young and old were openly flogged for flimsy reasons such as crossing the streets without queuing in line.  Nigerians suffered all kinds of torture and humiliation.  Many vibrant and young Igbo business men were mercilessly killed by hanging or firing squad for false and unsubstantiated accusations of drug peddling.  Nigeria citizens were abused and treated like animals living in the zoo and uncivilized and primitive times. 

But more that, Buhari is a man without any sound education, required qualification to be president and has no understanding of democratic process. He does not understand the balance of power between the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary in a democratic system of government.  Buhari was foolishly selected and imposed as president to lead a democratic Nigeria in the 21st century.  A man who supposed to be in prison for treason and war crimes.

Since Buhari assumed the office of the presidency in 2015, he has presided over the massacres of innocent citizens especially the Shiites Muslims and young Biafrans and displaced millions in the Middle Belt and former Eastern region of the country.

Fulani herdsmen are taking over the Middle Belt region in other for this Usman Dan Fodio disciple to complete their satanic Sokoto Caliphate agenda to Islamize the entire country. 

Today, Fulani herdsmen can easily come into your farms to feed their cattle and cow and destroy your farms and if you complain, you are instantly butchered.  

In addition to killings and massacre of the Christians, Biafran people who are mostly Christians are  being rendered hopeless and useless through systemic exploitation, marginalization, political oppression, and economic strangulation and most importantly using their military forces comprising of the Nigerian Army, Police, DSS, Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen, and other means to humiliate, oppress, and torture them.

And so, the global powers cannot pretend or claim to be ignorant of who Buhari is unless they are willingly supporting his efforts to continue to massacre Christians, Shia Muslims and Biafrans in Nigeria.  But that will not continue for too long.  Unless the International Community are willing to bear the judgment of the souls of 70 to 80 million  Biafran people – because the quest for Biafra State will continue until that freedom is achieved or the last Biafran standing is killed and there are no more Biafran person on the face of this planet, which will never happen.

Why would the Nigerian people and International Observers allow this monumental fraudulent election in Nigeria to stand?  How can they claim that they support democratic systems of government and not forcefully condemn the charade and sham election that was recently conducted in Nigeria?  Why are they colluding with such fraudulent election and atrocities in Nigeria?  What would make any sensible and responsible Nigerian citizen go out to vote again in Nigeria after seeing what occurred on Saturday, February 23, 2019  election.  

I agree with PDP presidential candidate – Abubakar Atiku that the 2019 presidential election is the worst election in Nigeria’s history. However,  my question to him, what is he going to do now that the International Election Observers have validate the results and are backing his Fulani brother.  Buhari has been given “Certificate of Return by the INEC Chairman.  What does he think he can achieve in the courts after Buhari made all the changes in the judiciary. The judiciary today is Fulanised and solidly behind President Buhari, who is regarded as a true disciple of ‘Uthman Dan Fodio.  Buhari is held like a cult leader, which he is.  He has been a spokesperson for Boko haram terrorist sect and he vowed to see the total islamization of entire Nigeria territory.

Buhari is also the grand patron of Miyetti Allah – sometimes called Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN). Miyetti Allah is another terrorist organization operating mostly within Nigeria. 

There is no doubt that Buhari is pursuing islamization agenda.   He moved the needle very well in his first-term and plans to complete it in this second-term.

All Indigenous populations that make up make of the contraption called Nigeria should be prepared for what is coming.  If not, we will wake up one morning and realize that we are now a nation under Allah.

I have also read where some who claim to be men of God were boasting about their prophecy that Buhari will win the second term.  How ignorant can these fake and con men who claim to hear from God be.  Any sensible person who is following the Nigerian political spectacle should be able to prophesy that Buhari will win. 

The changes that president Buhari made only in the last six-months  – the appointment of his niece, Amina Zakari to head INEC collation center for the 2019 presidential elections, the appointment of another Fulani – Abubakar Adamu Mohammed to replace the retiring Inspector General of Police (IGP) Ibrahim Idris and recently the illegal and unconstitutional suspension of Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) Justice Onnoghen and appointment of another Fulani, Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed as the new acting CJN are enough evidence for any sensible person to prophesy the re-election of Buhari even though that does not represent the feelings of people and situation of things in the country.

Moreover, Buhari told a CNN Africa while responding to doubts about his ability to govern the country for a second term. When the interviewer asked the President, “This is a vibrant democracy. You came in, unseating the incumbent. Are you worried the same could happen to you?” Buhari responded, “No. Nobody would unseat me.” He added, “I am ready to take this country forward for the next four years.”

His response is a clear evidence that the presidential election was already adjudicated. 

Despite the forecast by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Africa that said the presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar will win the February presidential elections.  Even as the margin of victory was getting narrower, the EIU Africa still maintained that Atiku and his political party will win the historic election.

I concur.  Under normal circumstances, Atiku/Obi would have won the presidential election handedly.  But this is Nigeria where facts are false and truths and lies.  The fact of the matter, we were all deceived and duped including the EIU, most Nigerians and especially the Biafran people who still believe in one-Nigeria bunkum. The North knew that the election was over and that Buhari will be re-elected.  They were sure of that and even Buhari himself confirmed it with CNN Africa reporter.

Atiku played and still playing the game he was contracted to act.  I said it few times in my past articles that Atiku/Obi was a strategy to woo Igbos/Biafran people to vote in the 2019 presidential elections in order to counteract the election boycott ordered by IPOB leadership.  If Biafrans had boycotted the elections as ordered by IPOB leadership, the political news would have been different today.  The stakeholders and global powers that forced the hand of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and will of IPOB leadership to call-off the election in the eleventh hour also perfected what we saw happened on Saturday, February 23, 2019. 

On the other hand, if Kanu had not lifted the boycott and Atiku/Obi lose the election, PDP, Igbo politicians and most Nigerian people would be calling for his head by now.

The threat against International Observers by El-Rufai – another dangerous Fulani political jihadist and clamp down on IPOB order by Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen. Tukur Yusuf Buratai were designed to inflict fear and deceive the people.  They are the ones who snatched the ballot boxes, altered results, and disfranchised people and killed those who stood their way. And these Observers collaborated and colluded in rigging this presidential elections for Buhari as well. Shame and judgment will be their portion. 

It is obvious to everyone now that the global powers like tyrants and dictators who protect their economic and political interests. They control your crude oil resources, support political treachery and their religious empires, designed to keep the gullible in darkness, bondage and hell.

Nigeria is truly a shithole for global powers – a callously lawless, fantastically corrupt and a failed State that needs to be dismembered by the so-called global powers, unless they desire to keep Africa – especially Black Africans in perpetual poverty and bondage.

Biafrans are perhaps the only people group in Black Africa that have the potential to create a powerful and first class nation.  The global powers do not want to see that.  They are afraid of Biafran people and Biafra State and desire only to see only pandemic poverty, hunger, joblessness, disease, and death in Africa.

And so, we Biafrans, must take the quest for freedom to door steps of these global powers and international community.  This is the time to escalate this quest, we cannot afford to remain in this satanic slavery and bondage.  We must ask them why? 

Why do they support crime against humanity? As I have often written, no atrocity in human history equals the colonization and slavery of Black Africans.  The indescribable rape and destruction of the mother continent is immense and irreparable.  It’s time to compel these global powers to dismantle Nigeria just like they did in former Yugoslavia, Soviet Union and others.  Nigeria is not stronger or more valuable than Soviet Union.  After all, Russia and most of the break-way republics have so much crude oil than Nigeria.  So, what is it that irritates Britain and her supporters about breaking up Nigeria into 3 or 4 or 5 nations?  It’s the only way, this crime against humanity can be stopped.

The further these Western rich countries open their nations for us to come and live as captives, the more they use the Hausa-Fulani/Yoruba to overtake our natural endowed land – a land following with milk and honey. 

All Biafrans – especially great Igbo people must wake from their slumber and unite to free their people and land.  It is time for all to come under Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB leadership.  We may not all like his style and his powerful oratory which some of you consider as insulting.  He is not Martin Luther King Jr. or Mandela – in terms of using conciliatory, peaceful and uniting language.  Nnamdi has his own style but he is a brilliant historian and charismatic leader.  He has a good heart, a man of peace and loves his people infinitely. Most importantly, he is a God-fearing leader and a man of immense prayer lifestyle. 

Biafran must unite under him and push for their freedom.   It is very sad indeed that these global powers, coward African leaders and gullible and hypocritical Nigerians dream to put in bondage a people and region that have the ability to transform entire Black Africa and make it a third power and force on the planet. 

I’m truly ashamed of the Yoruba for their cowardly act, a people so exposed and highly educated but continue to put up with backwardness of Nigeria and her handlers.  Oduduwa can be a great nation.  It is time for all the indigenous populations rise up and free themselves from the bondage and hell that Nigeria has become and sadly supported by the global powers – UN, EU, UK, US, China and Russia.

Biafrans must be free or we all perish.  Our existence is meaningless if we continue in the bondage of one-Nigeria, which does not exist and will never exist. 

Dr. C. K. Ekeke is a theologian, author, consultant, and leadership scholar. He is the founder and president of Leadership Wisdom Institute.


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