12 Celebs that Look much Younger than Their Age

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  1. Monica Bellucci 50  

Monica Bellucci is talented in acting as well as modeling. She is of Italian heritage which enables her to work in both the Italian and American modeling and acting capacities respectively. At her age, she looks incredibly much younger than 50.


  1. Raquel Welch 74 

Few people could ever guess that Raquel Welch is 74. There is no doubt that Raquel will remain active for quite some time to come. She looks great at 74.


  1. Sheryl Crow 53  

Sheryl Crow is a multi-talented and extraordinary singer and songwriter. She is a recipient of many awards, over nine in number. At 53 years old, Sheryl could very easily pass for a 40 year old. She looks great and has lots of years of primetime performance in the music and song writing arena.


  1. Courteney Cox 50  

Courteney Cox was part of the Friends Star show for some time. She just turned 51 and does not look anything like 51. Good luck if you want to guess her age based on her looks alone.



  1. Demi Moore 52

Demi Moore is a very hot actress, perhaps the hottest older actress around. She often dates younger men by choice, and was once dating Ashton Kutcher. Her inclination to date younger men has earned her the nick name of ‘cougar’. Demi looks spectacular at 52.

  1. Kelly Preston 52  

Kelly Preston started acting at a very young age of 16, and grew along with her acting passion over the years. She looks young at the age of 52. The pressures in Hollywood often play a part in older actors keeping themselves up for that younger looking and attractive body.



  1. Kathy Island 52  

Kathy is a multi-talented celebrity. She is an actress, entrepreneur, designer, editor, author and you name it. She was born in California, and at 52 years old, Kathy remains very active with her acting career. Nothing seems to be slowing her down, even at age 52.

  1. Elle Macpherson 51  

Elle Macpherson is a powerhouse well known around the Hollywood circles. She is remembered for her Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition covers, the record she set is still unbeaten and visible even today. At age 51, Ellie has earned the recognition as a supermodel actress.


  1. Gina Gershon 52  

Gina Gershon is a very successful actress. She has made appearances in numerous films, and Television shows, as well as in stage production shows. She looks much younger at 52.

  1. Heather Locklear 53   

Heather Locklear does not look close to 53. Some of her recent photos taken at the beach reveal a great young looking body perhaps ten years younger than her actual age.

  1. Michelle Pfeiffer 57  

Michelle Pfeiffer began making movies long time ago, in fact since 1979, when she first made appearance on Fantasy Island. She is still hot and looks great at 57.

  1. Christy Brinkley 61   

There is no doubt that Christy Brinkley is one of the hottest older female celebrities over the age of 50. Christy is fascinating at her current age of 61. A native of Michigan, she is a fabulous and a widely admired actress.




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